Chertoff-Lobbyists and Airport Scanners

Nov. 17, 2010  Chertoff-Lobbyists and Airport Scanner contracts all have an apparent connection.

The former Head of Homeland Security had an ulterior motive in promoting the Airport security scanning machines that people are objecting to so strongly.  The company that makes the machine is now one of Chertoff’s clients but in the past under the Bush administration Chernoff was selling these machines to the government and to the Obama administration and they bought it hook, line and sinker.

Michael Chertoff Has a deep conflict of interest in promoting scanning machines and Janet Napolitano would be advised to hire her own advisors from other forms of security scanning machines widely available. Napolitano is taking the easy way out of Homeland Security measures and this is causing an up roar in public airline transportation.

It appears the Obama administration relies on former Bush advisors heavily and this is bringing to light close relationships with lobbyists is “selling” the goods to our current government. President Obama has a history of hiring, and keeping on Bush’s old advisor teams in many facets of government and in this policy Obama is being lazy and not doing his homework.

Since Obama has the final say or should be overseeing his administration’s most serious decisions he also bought the Chertoff junk products and hopefully Obama did not purchase the machines outright.

Chertoff is an old cast off of George Bush and is more than likely getting paid by Obama to provide consulting services to the present government and is getting paid in the back end to promote his clients scanning machines.  Chertoff is enjoying the fruits of lobbying and double dipping into taxpayers dollars.

Michael Chertoff has been the leading promoter -sales pitch man for All body Scanners now the subject of contraversial scans at US airports on domestic flights.

George Bush hired Michael Chertoff as head of security and he has ulterior motives mainly finanial ones.  These scan machines are untested, emit real radiation, and are too intrusively upsetting American travelers.  Just think how popular they would be in Yemen, or Saudi Arabia where they should be placed?

Consumer Travellers stated the machines have not undergone any formal type of test, the amount of radiation leaked on each scan is not divulged to the public and passengers in general,  just think they are too revealing of the private areas of the human body.   Only in America would these machines ever be tolerated under the guise that they are keeping our country safe.

If the terrorists wished to hide a bomb on board a flight they will find a way to ultimately pass the scanners also and no system will be 100 percent foolproof.

This system has not been well thought out, and a rush to get these machines in airports has been rushed by Homeland Security as a result of the underwear bomber last Christmas.  The very fact that a terrorist can hide a bomb internally without being too graphic they will find a way to blow up planes.  The terrorists still continue to try to kill Americans and this is a fundamental of their belief system.

The best Security Must Commence in Foreign Countries

Most of the terrorist attacks in the past come from foreign countries and in bound planes arriving into the USA.  Therefore these scanners should be in foreign country airports and scan foreign passengers coming into the United States.  There should be a better system of clearing airline personnel from having to repeat scans on their job, and after all their job is transportation.  The precautions of airline pilots, flight attendants is all well intentioned but there is a boiling point where the continuous exposure to radiation is unwarranted.

Fatwa’s Prohibit Scanning of Muslims at Airports

In the Muslim faith, there is a Fatwa or a ruling that forbids Muslims from being scanned or showing the naked body.  Today that does not matter since if you decline the scan you will not be allowed to board the plane.  This is becoming a problem for Muslims to travel since the women who wear the Blu Hijab (a head scarf) to cover their body in public (an old and outdated tenant) must have a full body scan or a pat down.  Unless they do not wish to be scanned, they will not be allowed to travel.

There should be no excuse under ancient religious beliefs of some avoiding this security measure in foreign countries.

Other Security Systems are safer and Homeland Security should explore other methods of safe scanning that is not intrusive or harmful to the passenger.

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