Cheney has a Fit over Russia

Aug. 13, 2008 Cheney Has a Fit over Russia.   It is all we can do to keep a straight face when hearing Dick Cheney the guy who shot his friend in the face with a shotgun, stated Russian military attack on Georgia “ must not go unanswered”.

On Sunday Cheney felt compelled to enter the US into another war making Russian and US relations even more strained at a time when two wars are continuing to drain the US economy. The Bush administration has no business making statements that provoke and threaten but then again that is what this government is known for which are threats and fear mongering.

The rest of the world knows that these are idle threats for the US could not back Georgia in yet another war especially one against Russian forces. Apparently Russia has agreed to a cease fire but the Georgian government reports the fighting is still going on today and the conflict has left 2,000 civilians dead.
But this was not as a result of Cheney’s threats and fear mongering of economic sanctions against Russia but it had more to do with French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s brokering of a cease fire agreement with Russia through diplomacy not threatening an attack.

Last year they found a blood clot in Dick Cheney’s left lower leg and he has been known to have an unstable heart condition and aneurysms.

Rumor has it that Dick was having a brain fart defined as a “ something ill considered or a lapse in the thought process, an inability to think or remember something clearly”.

The war mongering republican duo -John McCain and Dick Cheney -perpetual wars make money for the GOP.
We are reporting that Dick Cheney’s blood clot has perhaps moved to his brain which is impairing his brain function and leading us closer to World War III. This is more an example of the Republican party’s aggression that the deplorable act of the Russians.

The blood coagulation is decreasing the blood flow to the brain thereby cutting off any thought or reasoning ability and while this blood flow is cut off it results in death to the tissue supplied – meaning we are sad to report Dick Cheney has lost his mind.


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