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July 24, 2010 What is in my Chicken McNuggets?  You would expect to hear an answer such as good chicken, healthy ingredients, or even safe food to eat but not only is it unsafe it is deadly.  Foods imported from China include Wal-Mart Chicken Products.  (Photos of How Chicken is Processed in China and arrives at your Dinner table).

Mickie Dee’s or McDonald’s has always been what people call fast food that saves time for food cosnumers but does it have to kill you?  Some additives really do not belong in food and through the last 10 years it is a womder that people re still eating the toxic foods at McDonalds.  The second question you have to ask yourself is where does the chicken come from -does it come from China also?  Wal-Mart imports chicken from China and sells it to the US consumer. Tempting morsels of Nuggets sold at Wal-Mart.

What is Tertiary Butylhydroquinone and why is it in my Chicken McNuggets:

It is in Chicken McNuggets that you feed to your kids.   The McDonald’s in China says it is harmless. but would you want to eat something called Tertiary Butylhydroquinone?  Does it sound good for you or a nutrient for the human body?  This chemical may meet Chinese standards but would you really feed it to you r children not knowing what will happen?

McDonald's Chicken McNuggets Now with Added Varnish Ingredient
McDonald's Chicken McNuggets Now with Added Varnish Ingredient

Side Effects of Tertiary Butyhydroquinone

TBHQ is a preservative made from petroleum and used for animal fats that does cause discoloration, or change the flavor or odor of the material to which it is added.  You know that BP Oil is attempting to remove petroleum from the Gulf waters and have used chemical dispersants to break up the oil.

Now to some parents you would wonder why a preservative had to be added to  your childrens food and why would it even be necessary.  TBHQ is used and regulated by the United States to make food last longer, and is also used in perfumes, varnish, resins and lacquers and it is added to Chicken McNuggets sold at McDonald’s.  TBHQ is also allowed to be added to frozen fish and other fish products.

TBHQ can cause stomach tumors, damage to DNA, and may cause cancer in high doses it is highly toxic

The World Health Organization expert Committee on Food Additives has given TBHQ the green light to be used in foods which is totally acceptable at the current levels.

But are these evaluations wrong and are known cancer causing additives such as: food coloring, or thickening agents and chemical substances really safe for people and animals?  Again the question arises as to why are these chemicals allowed in food for humans?

According to known information on TBHQ in A Consumer’s Dictionary of Food Additives only one gram of the stuff can cause serious health risks, vomiting, delirium, breathing problems and seizures.  Prolonged use of this chemical digested by a person will cause cancer.

The rule of thumb these days is do not eat any food that contains ingredients that you cannot pronounce because they are unnecessary chemicals that are deadly and are causing diseases in the population.  Whole rich foods grown organically are becoming more popular as more chemicals are added to the US food supply.  People reject chemical additives and food manufacturers just keep adding more without testing or regulation.

While the World Health Organization, the USDA, the FDA and other government agencies all swear by these chemicals in the food supply and the toxic overload of any fast foods sold at McDonald’s are more than enough of a concern to not consume their products.  The TBHQ is added to McDonald’s products are to keep their shape and texture supposedly when the chicken is put into molds.  A high price to pay to make your food pretty.

In a report from CNN the American version of chicken McNuggets contain more fat than the UK McNuggets and also more chemicals.

Have we entered into an era of Frankenfoods that are doused with chemicals to save the food company manufacturer money, while risking the health of our children?  Kids love McDonald’s McNuggets and it is violation of human health principals to add these chemicals to the very food your kid’s love to eat.

As Christopher Kimball  the founder of Cook’s Magazine indicated the European regulations of food are far more strict than their US counterparts.  So why is the US government allowing such deadly chemicals to be added to food?  One word.  Lobbyists.

The highest and dangerous food chemicals found in US foods are:

Xanthan gum- used as a thickener is made from bacteria.

Tertiary Butylhydroquinone – derived from petroleum -found in Chicken McNuggets

Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate -chemical makes oil and water mix, found in baked goods has lactic acid.

Phosphoric Acid-the tang in cola and comes from sulfuric acid-used in paint strippers.

Parents should be aware of what they are feeding their children and themselves because the US government is not that into you. If you like feeding your kids a little varnish now and then by all means buy McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets. Remember these are synthetic chemicals produced in laboratories and are not for human consumption no matter what the US government doesn’t tell you about what’s in your Chicken McNuggets.

There are currently no bans, no tests, and no inspections on food additives and the government agencies allow the food industry to police themselves. That sounds familiar doesn’t it, remember BP Oil was allowed to regulate themselves along with Wall Street and the drug industry.

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