CDC Vaccine Fraud 2 Million Dollars

CDC Vaccine Fraud 2 Million Dollars

March 12, 2010  The man who was a force for the CDC and vigorously disputed the fact of autism and its causes were linked to vaccines has disappeared.

CDC Vaccine Fraud 2 Million Dollars

This man not only left the building -he took 2 million dollars with him committing not only fraud but theft which is a felony.  This man is Dr. Paul Thorsen took the 2 million dollars that was supposed to be spent on the research to prove that autism was not caused by mercury.

Dear Dr. Paul Thorsen -Americans want their 2 Million dollars back.

CDC Vaccine Fraud 2 Millon Dollars

Obviously Dr. Thorsen had the credentials, the professionalism that we expect from the Center for Disease Control that our taxpaying dollars are not going to crooks.  However in this case that is exactly what happened.

The CDC relied on Thorsen to prove that vaccines do not cause autism which he failed to prove.  The CDC relied on Dr. Thorsen to prove that the MMR vaccine were not hurting children which he did not prove. 

In the year 2003 Dr. Thorsen along with his research group in Denmark stated that the mercury in vaccines could not be responsible for autism cases since they rose 20 times more in a country that banned mercury.

It turns out that the good Dr. Thorsen failed to report that during that study a new mandated reporting system was implimented that resulted in a higher reporting ofdy autism cases. 

Not because there was a increase but because autism cases prior to that time period -were never reported.

Now the media latched onto this report and blasted all parents who blamed their children’s disabilities on vaccines and even the New York Times relied on Dr. Thorsen’s study which was skewed and basically inaccurate and unscientific as well as basically a lie.

The boner of this story is that Dr. Poul Thorsen is a psychiatrist -he has no qualifications whatsoever in Toxicology and he is not a research scientist that used quantitative analysis for his study.  Basically it is junk science and the CDC promoted this as truth and lauded this man for his opinions.

You really have to wonder where the US is headed for in terms of vaccines and how many vaccines your children can actually have before they become permanently damaged.  How many is too many is a good question because there is not one study that proves vaccines are safe.

Dr. Thorsen was their only hope for a victory on the vaccinate the world drug pushers who have lost their sanity

It is all over the news but its buried under more than enough coverage of Sarah Palin and her book deal, more Sarah Palin and her reality show and alot of tripe you hear on CNN each day.  More over the media hides stories like this because no one wants to really hear them.

Whereas when Dr. Wakefield was stripped of his research paper and credentials it was all over the news for days.  Well ground into your mind that Dr. Wakefield was dishonest and lied – but it turns out he was right all along.

There is a seedy, prostitution related friendship between government and pharmaceuticals and it is – all about the money.  Who can steal the taxpayer blind before another – who can do the biggest rip off and get away with it is the contest now in government.  The news media is just as much involved in their concealing information from the public and as we said ‘they bury’ stories like this one.

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  1. Vaccine makers, BP Oil, Massey Energy et al – you are beginning to see a trend in the corporate culture and the corrupt government that allows these “scum” as you state to exist, to profit and to thrive on the lives and backs of Americans. The tide will turn -it has to.


  2. Vaccine makers are the lowest form of life. Many should face life sentences in prison. Die you scum!!

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