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Jan. 10, 2010  The Center for Disease Contact and Proliferation has issued an Updated on the Swine Flu cases in 2010.

Updates on Swine Flu Cases-H1N1 Recalls- A Public Safety Update

The whole debauched vaccine promotional ad campaign  of the CDC, NIH and the FDA on the Swine Flu Vaccine has been a disgraceful waste of taxpayers dollars.

The US Center for Disease Control has done little in proving the vaccine even works and has injected a risky vaccine into 60 million American guinea pigs. The estimates of deaths are fudged because:

1) The deaths have underlying causes-not just the swine flu and therefore the CDC has attributed these deaths to the swine flu infection however this is a false
Statistic not based on facts.

2) The CDC does not have the right to Promote, Sell, Advertise any untested and experimental drugs or vaccines onto the American public.  This is a public health danger to people.

3) No experimental drugs or vaccines should be given to pregnant woman at any stage of the development of the fetus as per President Kennedy’s ban on drugs in the 1960’s.  The CDC has completely overturned this ban without proof that the H1N1 vaccine even works.

4) Testing for the H1N1 Swine Vaccine was only conducted for 21 days, no long term effects on a fetus or a human getting this vaccine have ever been conducted with any scientific proof that it works to prevent the virus.

5) No figures on how many people died after receiving the Swine Flu H1N1 Vaccine have been given and the CDC has not been truthful or has any statistics on deaths by the vaccine itself. This is giving the public misleading and false data and the CDC continues to promote, sell and advertise this untested vaccine.

6) The CDC has provided estimates only not real surveys and this data is not accurate, or to be believable given the alliance it has with the Drug makers including Baxter Drugs.

7) The CDC has inflated the number of people who had swine flu to 55 million but actually this number is far less and is more likely half of that figure. This is alarming that the CDC would fudge the numbers on swine flu cases.

In short the CDC has falsified statistical data which is inaccurate and continues to target pregnant woman which is against a 50 year Ban on experiments on pregnant woman by President John F. Kennedy.  It is surprising that President Obama has not revised the CDC’s comments and has not supported President Kennedy’s ban-the very concept of experimenting with a pregnant woman and injecting the mother with a load of toxins Obama has thrown away President Kennedy’s Ban completely disregarding the safety of unborn babies.

This promotion of the H1N1 Vaccine by the CDC is against the law, unconscionable and dangerous policy which only benefits drug company sales and does not protect the American public health.

We continue to advise people to disregard the fear tactics, do your own research and consider the long term consequences of the arrogant and misleading CDC statements such as this and we quote:

Jan 17, 2010  -when there is no pandemic and no substantiated facts on the spread of Swine Flu the CDC has released this statement:

“Efforts should continue to urge obstetricians and other healthcare providers to provide influenza vaccine to pregnant women,” the report said. “The current high percentage of unvaccinated healthcare workers highlights the need to strengthen measures to improve their influenza vaccination coverage.”

This is a blatant advertisement for the swine flu manufacturers and is unsafe for unborn babies.

Further the CDC has not proven the H1N1 Swine Vaccine has prevented any flu viruses and the 60 million who received the vaccine could have infected those around them that did not have the virus.   There is no proof that this vaccine did not help spread the virus.

The CDC has conducted no valid surveys on how many people died of the vaccine itself, they have conducted no valid surveys on how many people gave the virus to others after they were vaccinated.  The CDC continues to fail to protect the health of Americans in favor of selling dangerous vaccines with no value to human health and in fact are toxic to adults, children and fetuses.

Another misleading and inaccurate statement from the CDC:

“ The 2009 H1N1 influenza vaccines are showing similar safety profiles as seasonal flu vaccines, which have very good safety track records. Over the years, hundreds of millions of Americans have received seasonal flu vaccines. “
This statement is inaccurate because the regular flu shot has not proven to work either, and again this is blatant promotion of ineffective, costly and continuous vaccines which are unhealthy.  There is no proof that the regular flu vaccines work, or avoid or prevent the flu on an annual basis.

People who are getting a regular flu shot every year are harming their immune system which naturally work to deal with the flu.  The CDC would have you believe that you have no immunity to flu viruses, again normal flu’s are numbering into the 300 different viruses.  One flu vaccine does not protect against all 300 viruses and therefore are a waste of money -especially taxpayers money not the government’s money.

The CDC has also failed to answer questions on how the adjuvant Squalene which was previously banned in the US has all of a sudden become approved for human use.  The FDA has approved Squalene in the Swine Flu Vaccine without testing and without scientific proof that it will not harm the immune system.  Squalene in a vaccine will hyper activate the human immune system to work against itself and to attack itself and is entirely experimental.   Again this is harmful to human life especially unborn babies and pregnant mothers and is considered “an experiment”.  Again this is against President John F. Kennedy’s ban from the 1960’s Thalidomide experiment which produced deformed babies.

It is a scary thought that the CDC has fudged the numbers, falsified data, promoted drug company products without testing and almost forced Americans into a massive vaccination program.  But it is the truth.

Already there have been 3 changes in the dosage of the H1N1 Swine Vaccine which has made people skeptical of the accuracy of dosages.  Already there have been recalls of certain lots of the H1N1 Swine Vaccine made by the Sanofi Pasteur drug maker’s products. The doses are either ineffective or wrong and therefore will provide an unsafe vaccination. If the strength of the vaccine is in question -so are its benefits.  See CDC Statement on Recalls:

Reference to Statistics: CDC Vaccination Data on Recall

If the drug makers themselves do not have accuracy in doses how can you be sure it will benefit you at all?  If the CDC has recalled some H1N1 Vaccines why are they still being injected into Americans?  Where were these vaccines made and are they from China?  These are questions that each individual has the right to examine and prove to themselves that a toxic load in an unproven vaccine is good for their wives, mothers, children or unborn baby.

See:  adverse reactions for Pregnant Mothers

Do not expect that your current government has your interests at heart -the CDC gets their funding and money from drug company’s and therein lies the major reason why Swine Flu H1N1 vaccines are still being promoted even with false statistics and data, you must take charge of your own health.

CBS News reported in October 2009 that the Swine Flu Cases have been exaggerated and the number of cases of Swine Flu have been inflated.  If you coughed -you had the swine flu, if you were tired, you had the Swine Flu, if you had a fever -you had the Swine Flu.  This is pure and utter nonsense and is a manipulation of swine flu cases even today in 2010 these estimates are inaccurately portrayed to the American public.  Again the CDC is cooking the books.

See their Report : CBS News Swine Flu Cases Over Estimated

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The CDC stands for the: Center for Disease Contact and Proliferation.


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