Canada’s Billion Dollar Summit

June 27, 2010 Canada’s Billion dollar Summit blows another billion dollars adding to Canada’s deficit by the Harper government.  The two summits could have been handled by military personnel however Harper chose to use 20,000 police officers and private security firms for his 19 friends.

The Summit areas from Huntsville to Toronto were in lock down and businesses had to close losing revenue for two or three days. Transit stopped running, buses, Go trains, cabs, were all re-routing causing delays and hassles for people trying to get to work or run their businesses.

The two summits could actually cost more if you include the loss of business revenue to Toronto stores on a summer weekend when tourists who would have visited by passed Toronto completely. At the US -Canadian border Americans were warned to stay away from Toronto due to the violence was sheer rubbish and fear mongering.  The fear was from the police presence as many who live in Toronto felt they were in Nazi Germany.

Then there is the Fake Lake built especially for G8 -So 8 People can Look at a Fake Canadian Lake;

Thanks to Harper instead of paying for education, or health costs, or the Canadian Deficits he bought a Fake Lake;

If these twenty world leaders need a billion dollars worth of security -something is very wrong with this picture and it is not about the damage that was done.  Canadians are angry, Americans are angry and people are angry around the world due to the Obama, Harper, Sarkozy and Merkel in Germany who are running huge deficits through their own mismanagement.

Harper is said to have used private security  for 24 hours round the clock for 3 days for 20 people, racking up millions of dollars in overtime, sure why not -the Canadian taxpayer will pay for it in 20 years.  The meeting could have been handled on Skype, or Go to Meeting for a billion dollars less.

The world leaders have to get it in their heads that people are angry -very angry and this behavior is only a symptom of what is wrong in Canada and the USA.  The City of Toronto became a war zone with thousands of police who harassed people, hit them, beat them, shouted at them, all with riot gear and Canada became Iran in a split second.

The display was an ugly symptom of a government that has bent over to ensure the profits of corporations at the expense of taxpayers and the lower quality of life in 2010.  Harper has ignored global warming and energy concerns along with his new buddy Obama and Europe cannot get out of the hole long enough to prop up their own governments.

There is a malaise that has set in due to corporate interest taking over government controls, as we have witnessed with BP Oil. Now the UK expects Americans to be good to BP Oil for their survival in the oil industry benefits us all.

Not the case. Riots and the backlash of people fed up with corporations receiving more and more government leniency and deregulating is what caused the explosion on April 20, 2010.  Along with BP Oil’s greed to proceed with a dangerous drilling procedure they have successfully killed the Gulf of Mexico from providing a food source for the American citizen.  No wonder people are angry and it is high time that people like Stephen Harper get the message, or get out.  Harper is running a minority government and that has to end now.  The backlash from this billion dollar Summit is far too costly for Canadians and during the meetings in Toronto Harper gave a lecture to other countries to stop spending like drunken sailors. If only he would heed that same principal in fiscal responsibility but he blew it.

The G20 has outlived it’s purpose and the G8 is totally a waste of taxpayers dollars world wide each country that host these affairs are only paying for goody bags, shrimp cocktails, nice hotels for a bunch of politicians who want more corporate donations to their campaigns.  It is all about getting-re-elected and more violence, more broken windows, and police cars on fire will occur until governments do what the people need.

No substance came out of these summits because Obama is going to go back to Washington and continue borrowing billions each month to pay for two wars and continue the lame policies of George Bush.  Harper will continue raising taxes on the middle class to pay for corporate tax cuts and the world could have done without the billion dollar waste of money.

Corporate subsidies will continue to the coal, oil and gas business, corporate food farms add more chemicals to foods, the FDA cracks down on Amish farms and anything organic, no wonder people are angry.

The 5 billion maternal health package? What was that all about?  It was about buying billions of dollars to vaccinate pregnant women in poorer countries.  It was about buying corporate favor both in Canada and the USA in the new world global economy of letting corporations take your taxes and buy their products.  The vaccines are H1N1 that the cannot give away, the MMR, the Gardasil vaccines that no one wants so they are pawning them off as a maternal health benefit.  Haiti is one of the target countries that will be on the receiving end of these deadly vaccines.

If Bill Gates is involved, you can bet his 2 billion will be going to world wide vaccination programs and his new pet project of reducing the world population.  This computer geek’s ideas are all about vaccinating poor people to death -the sooner the better as his foundation backs up corporate interests.  It is not about saving the poor or helping mothers and children.

It is when the G20 politicians get the message that the burnt cars, broke windows and protests will stop and not a moment sooner.  As the world leaders departed in their corporate private jets -we are reminded of the GM CEO as he tried to hang on to his 7 private jets to the bitter end.  As they rush back to their homes with the Canadian goody bags and stuffed bellies dying on organic foods, we are aware that our governments are not working for us-they are giving value to corporate interests.

BP Oil has been granted license to drill in Alaska in a few months and the smoke and mirror secrecy of these meetings is typical of a dictatorship in Iran.  Canadians and Americans have to be aware that as civil rights were trampled on in Canada yesterday by an armed militia that we are experiencing the same government that dictates to Iran and is leading to a path of self destruction.

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