Canada Election Tainted by Robo Call Scandal

Canada Election Tainted by Robo Call Scandal

Complaints from 30 key ridings in Canada’s election last May of robo calls that misdirected voters in what is the first election scandal in history.

The robo calls were traced back to a company called Racknine which has done work and provided “services” for the Conservative Party in the past including Stephen Harper. Harper has denied of course that the party had anything to do with the robo calls that misled voters to the wrong locations to vote -across Canada.

The calls were automated by Racknine and directed to voters (other than Conservatives) and hit very key ridings in the election that would surely provide a win in 18 hotly contested contests.

The votes gave the conservative ( akin to the US republican) party of Canada a win for the first time with a majority government but was it really a majority vote?

Canada Election Tainted by Robo Call ScandalCanada Election Tainted by Robo Call Scandal

While Liberals and New Democrats demand an inquiry more calls are coming from voters who were “suppressed” by robo calls and prevented from voting days before the May election.

The New Democrat Party’s Pat Martin demands an inquiry blasting Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his conservative party that may have tipped the scales with charges of election fraud to win a majority at any cost.

As it turns out, the conservatives did not win “by much” or many votes but many votes for Liberals, New Democrats and the Green Party may have been turned away by the robo calls. All opposition leaders are calling for an independent inquiry while the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Elections Canada are conducting their own investigations at this time.

 Canada Election Tainted by Robo Call Scandal

 It is not Hockey Night in Canada – It’s Election Fraud in Canada

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Only a total of 6,201 votes across the ridings where robo calls occurred was the margin of victory for the Conservatives, not a large amount of votes.

Key Voting Tabulations at: Creekside illustrates the slim margins of victory for the Conservative Party.

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Investigation into Robo Calls

The Canadian Political Scene

NDP researcher James Valcke has released images via his Twitter account which add more links between the Conservatives and Racknine President Matt Meier.

“The pictures show several scenes of him during the 2008 election campaign backing Harper and his campaign staff and on September 14, 2010, showing off his government check stating, “It’s true, the government really does pay!” to his Facebook followers.”

 “Matt Meier is a lot closer to the Conservatives than he says he is and with his company at the heart of the Robocall scandal, one must wonder how deep the roots go and how large an organization was built to carry out Harper’s seemingly fraudulent election machine.”

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“Remember those stories about election day dirty tricks where Liberal supporters in southern Ontario were telephoned and falsely told their polling locations had moved?

Surprise, surprise – Elections Canada has traced those robocalls to a company that worked for the Conservative party.

On election day, Elections Canada had complaints from voters in several ridings, mainly in Ontario, who claimed to have received the misleading calls.

“This is an automated message from Elections Canada. Due to a projected increase in voter turnout your poll location has been changed,” says one message retrieved by the CBC from a resident’s voice mail system in Guelph.”


The slim majority coupled with the similarities in the US Wisconsin election where robo calls accomplished the same goals for the Republicans for Scott Walker makes connecting the dots a requirement.

We know how much the Republican campaign backers known as the Koch Brothers wanted a win in Wisconsin for their energy companies and to buy Wisconsin state assets for pennies on the dollar.

In Canada it is the Keystone Pipeline connection to Alberta’s Tar Sands and big energies ties to Stephen Harper that need to be investigated. Where did the money come from to finance Harper’s campaign and who paid the marketing companies involved to robo-call voters into the wrong direction on election day?

Who is behind all the corruption in Canada’s energy and political sphere?