Bristol Palin’s Mechanical Bull Ride

 Bristol Palin’s Mechanical Bull Ride

What the Palins’ do in their spare time, fighting off their neighborhood authors and then there is the riding the mechanical bull at Saddle Ranch.

Bristol Palin was at West Hollywood’s Saddle Ranch saloon with her friends and her new reality show people when she decided either as a publicity stunt or a reckless invitation to more ridicule to ride the mechanical bull.

A remake of Urban Cowboy it wasn’t.

Someone in the crowd yelled out: “Did you ride Levi like that?” Then Bristol came up and spoke with the people who were jeering at her and got into a kerfuffle about her mother.

The conversation ended quite badly with a few salty words, thrown in…and Bristol asking the guy if he was gay? The film crew had to take Bristol away from the bar when she would not give up and leave during the argument.

Reality shows are one thing and the Palins’ seem to have an affinity for the money they earned on those shows that networks believe unfortunately that the public really wants more of the Palin family.  But riding a mechanical bull in Hollywood in a saloon bar is just asking for media attention or as in this case trouble.

You could say Bristol Pallin has joined her mother in the mechanical bull of media hype, making noise, creating distractions and using the media for fame and money.

 Bristol Palin's Mechanical Bull Ride

 Bristol Palin’s Mechanical Bull Ride


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Scene From Urban Cowboy- Now this is the Way You Ride a Bull

 Bristol Palin’s Mechanical Bull Ride


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