Bristol-Levi Call it Off

Aug 3, 2010 Bristol-Levi Call it Off- Bristol Palin-Levi Johnson call it off and broke their engagement on the news that Levi might have fathered another child with another teenager.  On learning of this news yesterday Palin broke out crying and Levi did not comfort her or offer his undying love but said “Yeah it sucks” and walked out on her.

To top that news Bristol found out information that Levi was going to shoot a video starring him that trashes her family especially Sarah Palin. The Bristol-Levi relationship took a twist when it was announced during Sarah Palin’s campaign that her daughter was pregnant and unmarried. Bristol-Levi made appearances together where ever mom was campaigned and were paraded in front of the media. It was announced back in 2008 that Bristol-Levi would marry but no date was set for the wedding.

The feuding is all on again and we are sure to see more videos and comments about the Bristol-Levi troubles and the Palin family from star struck Levi Johnson and who knows maybe he will get back with Kathy Griffin again.

Celebrity and politics – a strange mix. Bristol-Levi call it off on this political celebrity young couple who fathered a child out of wedlock although Sarah Palin claims to be a religious woman.

Will Levi Johnson Get back with Kathy Griffin?
Will Levi Johnson Get back with Kathy Griffin?

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