Breitbart, Clarence Thomas and Taxes

June 12, 2011 Breitbart, Clarence Thomas and Taxes

Breitbart talks about Clarence Thomas as his heroin a video taped on May 9, 2011 and talks about Virginia Thomas who works for the Tea Party examples of judicial conduct.

In Breitbart’s hero worshiping there is another very sinister image of Clarence Thomas and his wife that appears to be unbeknownst to the public.

Mrs. Clarence Thomas who actually received a salary of $ 864,000 over 10 years,  from the right wing tea party group the Heritage Foundation, was never disclosed to the Internal Revenue Service or on an annual Disclosure Form required of Government Employees.

Potentially, Clarence Thomas implicated himself on perjury for 20 years of non-disclosed income as a Supreme Court Judge. See: The Reid Report

In January of this year after 10 years of not declaring Tea Party earnings Clarence Thomas had to amend his financial returns to the IRS from 1997 to 2009 only after a group investigated his returns.

These are serious crimes ignored by the media and networks who are in fear of reporting the Clarence Gate Tax Evasion Affair for a diversion into Anthony Weiner’s Facebook account.

Breitbart, Clarence Thomas and Taxes

What is it about the Tea Party that believes others should pay their way? The Tea Party depends on those who cannot pay for their taxes and we have to recall Joe the Plumber again.

Joe the Plumber asked candidate Barack Obama about higher taxes if he were to open a business worth $ 250,000.   We later found out that Joe the Plumber didn’t pay any taxes to the state of Ohio and was behind in his payments to the state. Also, it was revealed that Joe the Plumber didn’t pay support payments for his own child and wife even though he worked under the table and paid no income taxes.  This is the Tea Party hero.

Clarence Thomas said he misunderstood the IRS Tax forms, however,  he has been filing for over 40 years and neglected, omitted or purposefully lied on his tax returns the income from his wife’s employer the right wing advocacy group.

Clarence Thomas graduated from Yale Law School in 1974, he began working for the Attorney General in Missouri in that same year and we presume he filed taxes since 1974 which in 2011 means he has been filing Income tax for 37 years!!

Clarence Thomas has had the education and qualifications to understand what income is and what you need to report on an IRS tax form and he knew the consequences of not reporting income if he obeys the law at all.

Clarence Thomas has been Filing Tax Returns for 37 Years

Clarence and Virginia Thomas cannot simply explain away their omissions on tax forms for 13 years after filing returns for 37 years with omitted income statements. All of a sudden, Thomas claims “I don’t understand” the forms.  Yet he presides over health care issues that carry great financial weight on American families every day. What does an intelligent lawyer do when he does not understand, he gets an accountant’s advice and Thomas knew the error and consequences of tax evasion law.

Under Federal Laws any other American including Wesley Snipes are charged with criminal offenses like: tax evasion, fraud, perjury, false statements and mail fraud.

Yet his co-judges on the Supreme Court bench all remained silent for the past six months on Clarence Thomas’ failure to disclose income.

Breitbart, Clarence Thomas and Taxes

Photo: The Other Supreme Court Judges in 2011-Share the Burden of Shame of Clarence Thomas and his Tax Evasion Pattern

Breitbart, Clarence Thomas and Taxes

Andrew Breitbart’s Hero is a distorted Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas and this couple who neglected to pay taxes on almost one million dollars who feels entitled to cheat the government.

The emotional love fest that Andrew Breitbart portrays on this video, illustrates the devious beliefs of the Tea Party in a man who has broken the law many times, including his sexual indiscretions of Anita Hill during his confirmation. Hero worship includes criminal tax evasion and breaking the law which is certainly not a quality to be admired on the highest court of the land.

Breitbart says “I’m a Tea Party guy” a movement that advocates not paying taxes to the federal government similarly to Joe the Plumber who was found out to be owning back taxes to the State of Ohio in 2008 and child support payments to his own child and wife.

The Attorney General, the Department of Justice the IRS and the US government have not filed charges against Clarence Thomas and it is as if the Supreme Court does not answer to the people, to the government willingly hiding income and breaking laws that Americans hold as a standard.

The US Supreme Court is adopting the framework of the judicial system in Iran, or Egypt where the judicial is trashed by corruption.  If not laws, what does America live by and if not justice for all, to whom does the law apply?

Ethics in Government Applies to the Supreme Court Judges

Under the Ethics in Government Act that also governs the Supreme Court judges, Clarence Thomas perjured himself again by stating and certifying that ” all information given on his Financial Disclosure Report” that he signed each year for 20 years as a Judge was false.

Clarence Thomas signed this form which represented ” all information including and pertaining to my spouse, and minor or dependent children, (if any) -is accurate and true and complete to the best of my knowledge”. Yet he failed to report the income on the Financial Disclosure Forms required by law.

Even if the $864,000 was a gift, it has to be disclosed. (See Cornell University) US Tax Code

The comment on YouTube on this video is one comment, indicates the interest people have in what Andrew Breitbart thinks or who is hero is a woman who evades taxes and breaks the law.

Hero worship by Andrew Breitbart of Clarence Thomas is not a sterling example of what America is all about, either white or blacks who evade taxes, these Tea Party supporters are asking the rest of Americans to pay “their way” for them.

Breitbart, Clarence Thomas and Taxes
Breitbart, Clarence Thomas and Taxes

Photo: Clarence Thomas and Virginia (Ginny) Thomas

What Weiner Gate did was to distract from Clarence Thomas and Virginia Thomas workings in the Tea Party and his influence and opine on the Health Care lawsuits that he will be judging on law.

However, we are not distracted in the independent media sources that still believe he has a very strong conflict of interest in matters relating to the anti-health care movement his wife belongs to and works for in her personal life.

If we the media, can delve into Representative Anthony Weiner’s personal life, the same applies to the Thomas Gate -the Tea Party influences of Clarence Thomas, inner faith and his personal income(s).

Breitbart, Clarence Thomas and Taxes

In 2007, Clarence Thomas was invited (we do not have a record of what he was paid) to give a speech to the Heritage Foundation which is an advocacy group for the Tea Party.  His wife Virginia has worked for this group for the past 10 years. The ideology of Clarence and Virginia and their direct connections to the Tea Party Heritage Foundation is a direct and financial interest which has not been disclosed.

The speech was given at the Ronald Reagan Trade Center in Washington, D.C. on November 12, 2007 at the President’s Club Meeting. Clarence Thomas promoted his book, My Grandfather’s Son and spoke about:

“I think in so many ways the thing that allows all of us or me, in public life to remain steady is an abiding faith and “I use my litany of humility -I keep it directly across my desk from me”.  “that you understand -its not about you -its about things that are far more important than you”. Like Health care for all Americans, Clarence?

He said in his speech: “Whether people are mad at you has nothing to do with whether your right”.

“In this business right is still -right, even if you stand by yourself and I think you have to be comfortable with that”. Is it not up to the Congress, The President and the Senate that handle political debate and why should a Supreme Court judge use the courts to change political debates on health care?

His response anecdotal as it was illustrates  “I think good manners are important”.  Tell that to Andrew Breitbart, who splices and dices videos to represent Democrats in a bad faith way.  Does the disgusting tactics used by Breitbart constitute “good manners?”.

Supreme Court Judges are not to legislate from the bench, that is nailed into stone and you hear it from every Judicial confirmation from the Judicial Committee:  “Do you legislate from the bench?” The answer always is the same: No sir.

The Anita Hill investigation pointed out the credibility of Clarence Thomas and since that time he has purposefully sat on cases involving his former employer Monsanto Corporation, where he has voted in favor of the corporations, not the protection from corporate interests.

If, Clarence Thomas sexually harassed a co-worker and lied about it, when other women came forth since that time, with the same accounts and Clarence Thomas lied to get a seat on the Supreme Court -this is a hero to the Tea Party.

During his confirmation he blamed the sexual harassment and said: “this is a lynching” bring in his race card of color and blasted his accusers for his own sexual aggression against female co-workers.  Thomas denied all the charges by Anita Hill and these are never going to go away.

In the same vein of entitlement, Clarence Thomas has refused to recuse himself on vital matters -and it’s not about you as he says.  Well the same applies to Clarence Thomas -it’s not about you -its about how the health care bill honors those Americans who would die without medical attention.  It is about the 35 million people that need healthcare that like your grand daddy were and are still poor.

It is expected that Clarence Thomas will be on the health care bill cases that are before the Supreme Court and for which he refuses to recuse himself. Although, the calls for his resignation, punishment and recusing himself grow louder each day.

We are not drowned out by a Facebook account of a Democrat. Breitbart, Clarence Thomas and Taxes.

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