Brain Eating Vaccines

Aug. 3/10  The Brain Eating Vaccines is making a big hit on the internet where the vaccines you may not want are be added to drinking water such as Lithium, prozac and drugs to calm the populations of the world.

Can this be true? Can scientists add these chemical vaccines to our food and water making us docile creatures?  It is true that pharmaceuticals are devising new ways to give us drugs even if we do not want or need them.

Brain Eating Vaccines- Alex Jones
Brain Eating Vaccines- Alex Jones

It is true that Canada through their own Health Canada government agency similar to the FDA are considering or have already added a chemotherapy drug to french fries, breads and baked goods without telling people.

Would you Like Some Chemo with those Fries?

A quote about the chemo drugs that are being planned to be introduced  in french fries and possibly the best way to mass produce this distribution is through the McDonald’s french fries you give your kids.  Below is the quote:

Health Canada is inviting public comments until February 21 on its idea to have small amounts of the enzyme asparaginase put into foods like potato chips and french fries. On its website, Health Canada says its scientists have finished a detailed safety assessment on the enzyme and havent found any health or safety concerns.At issue is the chemical acrylamide, which is found as a cooking byproduct in the production of foods like french fries and potato chips and has been linked to cancer in animals.Research suggests asparaginase reduces acrylamide production.”  end quote.

We wrote an article on December 22, 2009 about Health Canada adding Chemo Drugs to French Fries.

Side effects of Chemotherapy Drugs such as Asparaginase which is a manufactured drug are: neurotoxicity, immune damage, stupor, seizures,  fever, face swelling, agitation, depression and low blood pressure.  Not the kind of reactions you want when you eat a french fry or to see your kids affected by a chemical chemo drug in your foods.  This includes all baked items and breads.  See our Article:

The article we quoted months ago in the National Post and whom we have referenced have taken the article down.  However the news was accurately reported and the drug which is used as a chemotherapy agent is called: asparaginase and the threat is very real.

The True Slant has an article worth reading. True Slant

Prison Planet has also their own reasons for being alarmed at vaccines being introduced through the water and food supply because people are not getting vaccinated.  As we saw with the H1N1 swine flu vaccine fiasco the drug companies induced the US, Canadian and world governments through the World Health Organization that has ties to the drug industry that every man, woman and child must be vaccinated with an untested vaccine or we would all die of swine flu.  Well that didn’t happen.  It was a hoax perpetrated and driven by drug company profits.

For years the drug company’s have attacked healthy living and healthy foods by convincing people that good wholesome organic foods are bad for you.  The plan is to introduce drugs into the food supply as if they are not already contaminated by chemicals, dyes, preservatives and fillers that are present in all processed foods.

Now we have to believe our government and swallow foods with vaccines that are not only going to drug us silly but will make us more docile and less angry as if anger is a disease.  This massive campaign to drug up the population is not as far fetched as it seems.

During the fall of 2009 the news was building up from March when a boy visited a pig farm in Mexico and contracted Swine Flu.  All of a sudden it was deadly but the boy didn’t die and the pigs were not destroyed as the Russian government did to their livestock.

The pigs were produced for the pork market in the USA and not one pig was killed that apparently had given a human a deadly virus.  The pigs were packaged up as pork chops for your local grocery store in the United States and if this virus was indeed a deadly one, such as in mad cow -the livestock almost 1 million pigs at the Smithfields’ Farm in Mexico would have been killed.  But they were not.

Pharmaceutical drugs are being expelled by the thousands of gallons every day in our toilets and unfortunately they cannot be removed by waste management water purification systems in our cities.  Fox News reports there are drugs in our drinking water and no one is bothering to removed them, least likely the pharmaceuticals that put them into your body.

Might be far fetched?  You decide.

Vaccines are now mandatory in all schools, hospital workers and there are laws to make you take the vaccines for the US government has become the biggest drug pusher in the world.

Drug company campaign dollars are buying up politicians by the dozen and corporate corruption has taken over the United States government.

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Consumers must decide for themselves- when enough is enough.

Chemicals in our Soup


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