Bradley Manning Speaks Of Torture

March 12, 2011  Bradley Manning Speaks of Torture

Bradley Manning speaks of Torture by the US military who are holding him in solitary confinement even though he has not had a day in court.

The torturing of Private Manning by Barack Obama who himself should know better and if Manning was a black man -the torturing would have stopped long ago.

Bradley Manning is being given extremely harsh treatment which violates the Geneva Convesntion and all Human Rights Laws.

The Torturing of Bradley Manning by Barack Obama
The Torturing of Bradley Manning by Barack Obama

The US military in its extreme measures to an American Citizen continues to use tortorue methods that President Obama condemned but now still endorse on a US soldier.

The U.S.  military has disregarded international regulations and has brought the condemnation onto itself from world wide governments and activist groups.

The torture consists of:

23 hours a day of solitary confinement

forced nudity nightly which is extremely cruel and unusual punishment used at Abu Ghraib in Iraq by US soldiers torturing prisoners under George Bush and Dick Cheney

forcing the deterioration of the mental state of Private Manning and loss of weight

taking his eyeglasses away from him leaving him blind

parading him nude in front of other prisoners and guards

put on suicide watch


Where is the justification for torturing a U.S. Soldier when other prisoners are not, and when will Private Manning have his day in court?

Justice is Ignored in U.S. Military Torture of Private Bradley Manning
Justice is Ignored in U.S. Military Torture of Private Bradley Manning

All this torture is being funded by American taxpayers who have a say in how the military has treated Private Bradley Manning and it has to stop.  Americans do not torture accused persons in spite of the lack of evidence or the crime.

In a statement President Obama avoided answering the question and said this treatment was acceptable and for his own safety. How Obama figures that this treatment is acceptable is beyond us all, and he must be petitioned to stop the torturing of Private Manning immediately.

The Guardian has published his 11 page letter that was released to the press by his lawyer David Coombs to bring to light the treatment goes far beyond human rights violations.

The protesters outside the military base in Virginia are getting angry and so are many Americans that the torture should be stopped immediately.

If the U.S. military is attempting to force Private Bradley Manning into a confession that Julian Assange and he were plotting to release the documents -prove it in court and not through using torture of a U.S. military soldier.

Protesters against US. Military Torturing Private Bradley Manning
Protesters against US. Military Torturing Private Bradley Manning


We support Private Bradley Manning to be released from these conditions and that he receive a court hearing on the matter.  The due process of law exists even if the U.S. military doesn’t like it much they are breaking human rights laws and deserve to be condemned themselves for continuing this torture.

More on this at the Guardian UK

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