BP Will Not Pay Claims

June 22, 2010 BP will not pay claims made by Americans on loss of income, loss of business revenue, empty hotel rooms, or the loss of a food source for four American States.  Despite of their promises the British Petroleum corporate  have dragged their feet on paying claims to fisherman, businesses, health claims, or to the US government for their costs.

Birds Dying from BP Oil-PoliticolNews.com

President Obama has to face the fact that he has been lied to, promised the 20 billion but the key now is to try and collect it from BP Oil.  One man put in a claim for $ 400,000 which he has proof of loss of income and received a paultry $ 30,000.00 and he is forced to go out of business.  BP is forcing bankruptcies and in statements they are quoting figures that are supposed to impress people.  It is a certainty that BP does not know or if the calculation of their oil flow rate is any indication they are purposefully inaccurate at mathematical calculations.

This company has not proven itself trustworthy in any aspect of this disaster they have hidden video cameras, lied about spill volumes, refused to accept responsibility in two congressional hearings, have not compensated the families of 11 dead men and have acted in a despicable manner towards the United States.

It is not a shock to learn that BP oil claims there head office is in the UK when the majority of their offices in Texas rein in the bulk of their profits off of US car owners and their thirst for more oil.  Deep Water Horizon that owned the rig and Haliburton all have offshore offices claiming their headquarters are  in a foreign country,  however most of their operations are offshore in the US.  As a result, BP, Halliburton and Deep Water Horizon all enjoy a tax free status in the US and they do not pay the neighboring states for any extraction fees.

Turles Covered with Oil -BP Gulf Oil Disaster

As with Arnold in California -Chevron pays no extraction taxes on oil they drill off of Santa Barbara for political reasons Chevron has chosen to pad Arnold’s political campaign.

Obama has been tricked up and down the coast and the public should push Obama to initiate a new energy bill to get off the cycle of big oil, big coal and nuclear plants that will damn the earth to a perpetual polluted atmosphere.

The BP oil keeps plundering the coast line with a slimy, gooey mess threatening the food and wildlife of the Gulf on Day 63 of the Gulf Oil BP Disaster.

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