BP-There is another Leak

May 28, 2010  There is more to the oil leak than we are being told there is another leak and BP is not telling the world the truth.  Scientists have discovered a second leak or second plume leaking oil besides the one that BP is working on at present.  This story is going from worst to disaster zone as BP has failed to tell the whole truth about the number of leaks and their exact locations, 5000 feet below the surface of the water.

The US gulf coast is in grave and more serious danger than previously thought and if the US government believes BP Oil any further -it is to it’s own demise.

Horizon still Burning From Explosion

That is why BP is monitoring the videos and scientists are saying there is more oil leaking elsewhere and the one leak BP is working on is only a small one.

There is more BP oil leaking noticed by scientists and denied by BP,  a giant plume on the ocean floor exists and this drill is hugely leaking more oil that we know about or are being told.  BP did not disclose it had underwater cameras until 3-5 days ago, not immediately after the explosion-they have kept secrets from the US Government.  At one point one individual called BP Oil – the government’s partner which was quickly hushed up by Janet Napolitano.

There are multiple leaks in BP’s oil well and pipes and with BP’s track record at telling the truth we can hardly not believe this now. The cut throat company known as British Petroleum have done themselves in and after this mess if ever – is cleaned up or stopped -they should be banned from drilling any where in the world.

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