BP Oil Spill Cap

June 10, 2010 BP Oil’s spill cap has been collecting thousands of gallons of oil which they seem to have the exact figure as 630,000 gallons. What BP is not telling Americans is far worse and sinister and that is their hiding a digital video camera which clearly shows more oil in larger quantities is being spilled into the Gulf of Mexico.

Sunset over the Gulf of Mexico

The list of mistakes BP has made both technically to cause the explosion on the rig, the follow up failed Top Hat, Top Kill, Top cap and now they did not have a tanker to collect the oil from the top cap so it went into the Gulf. The top cap required the removal of a bent pipe which actually increases the volume of the leaking oil, causing more damage than it was worth. More oil is leaking now than before the Top Cap operation.

This has been a horrendous example of gross negligence and total disregard for and the lack of a back up plan. Even though any government in the world may not have regulations in place, the onus is on the oil company to provide safety first on oil extracted at great depths in the ocean.

A massive corporation the size and with the resources of British Petroleum to have safe and effective backup plans to decrease risk and ensure risk management was one of their goal besides profits. It is clear that BP has hidden information, video camera proof of the quantity of oil for which forms the basis of their fines. Whenever this oil gusher is finally capped be it in August which is doubtful or November the total amount of oil is fined at a per barrel cost estimate.

This estimate will be determined by scientists who are not working for BP Oil and who are independent of the government incompetent agency MMS or the EPA.

Update on BP Oil Paying for Losses

To date it is day 51 of the BP Oil Spill almost 2 months to the day and still payments are not being made to fisherman, businesses who are literally going bankrupt. The administration has not put enough pressure on BP Oil to speed up their issuing of checks. One fisherman indicated he received only 1 check for $ 5,000.00 from BP which he said he makes in one day on his shrimp boat. People have loans, mortgages and kids to feed and yet BP Oil is stalling on payments for claims because they have not hired enough claims representatives. BP again did not have enough oil tankers above the sunken rig to capture the oil. BP is basically being run by such incompetent executives or they are purposefully delaying their responsibilities.

Even after hiring a PR firm, and producing a BP commercial featuring the most hated man in America -Tony Hayward it angers the American public that they would waste 50 million dollars on a PR campaign to repair their damaged corporate image. BP oil is being run by insanity at the highest level as their share prices plummet on the NY Stock Exchange by over 25 percent or more. The BP oil spill cam is evidence in itself as to the lack of care that BP presents when drilling in the Gulf or around the world.

BP Low Balls Estimates of Oil Spill

Repeatedly since April 20th BP Oil has low balled the estimates of oil leaking from the broken well from 1,000 barrels a day to 5,000 barrels a day. Now it appears several weeks later when a video camera called the BP Oil Spill Camera revealed it was much more by scientists who are not employed by BP Oil. The list goes on and on of BP’s covert activities some are calling for criminal charges, some are calling for an end to this insurgence and terrorist act against the USA.

Others are calling for arrests to be made of BP Oil executives and they should be put in jail, but not until they suffer the public humiliation, the anger, the fear that they have inflicted on four US states. Not until they pay for the millions of people who’s lives they have handed a death sentence to and so wrapped themselves in filthy profits.

The death of a lifestyle, an economy and world that encompassed a clean beautiful ocean so dearly beloved and cherished by Americans is now at the forefront of the news.

Before the fat lady sings and before they clean up their mess BP will be assumed to be a morally bankrupt greed filled corporation of criminals.  In addition BP should be subpoenaed to hand over all video camera footage, all feeds from the site and all information that correctly identifies the number of gallons spilling into the gulf.

It is most likely 5 times greater than the last estimate which CBS news reported as the high end of 15 to 19,000 gallons per day. The BP oil spill cap has not worked to cap the oil leaking from their drilling operations.

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The Newly released Video shows A clearer digital view of How much oil is leaking which will help scientists to calculate the rate of the flow of oil to assess BP’s damages. That is the reason BP hid this camera from the United States government.


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