BP Oil Lease MMS Head Resigns

BP Oil Lease MMS Head Resigns Day 27 Posted May 17, 2010 Head of MMS Resigns amidst investigations of  the BP Oil spill in the Gulf and Americans are getting very angry with some calling for criminal charges.  
President Obama ordering a complete investigation in the oil lease given to BP Oil.
Federal investigators will file criminal charges in the spill and major penalties to exceed any caps on liabilities from the past.

It is a whole new ball game today with BP incapable of coming clean on how much oil is spilling and anger at the company surpasses any of their efforts to contain the oil.

There is still no information from BP Oil as to why the explosion occurred and obviously it was a build up of gas in the pipeline but BP doesn’t know why it happened. BP also does not know how much oil is gushing into the Gulf or they are concealing this information from the US government and the public for fear of a further public relations nightmare.

Homeland Security has made a few announcements however not much information is being given to the media or the public on when this will all end if ever. President Obama has ordered a full investigation

Head of MMS -Minerals Management Services -Resigns

US Government heads and Directors are also at fault for allowing BP Oil to drill in this manner,  without safety precautions without backup plans for emergencies at 5000 foot depths. The Associate Director who just resigned or retired is Chris Oynes who has been in charge who authorized the BP Oil lease without oversight and regulation.  Chris Oynes was the MMS head executive for the past twelve years.

The Minerals Management Services is the government body that is responsible for all offshore drilling on the outer continental shelf. The head of this organization namely Chris Oynes who in 2007 almost 4 years ago was made the Director of the Offshore Energy and Minerals Management Program.

Head of MMS Chris Oynes-Resigns Before Investigation
This is the man who just resigned from his position because he was the person responsible for administering the gas and oil programs and oddly enough the same person connected with developing new sources of energy. 
Mr. Oynes has been the Regional Director of MMS for the Gulf of Mexico region for 12 years and would be the central figure in the negotiations between BP Oil and the US government in obtaining leases for off shore drilling.

Mr. Chris Oynes has also negotiated 30 lease sales for drilling as well he had the responsibility of a fifty percent rise in oil production in the Gulf. It would not take a brian surgeon to figure out this guy was on the take or looked the other way in favor of big oil.

Oynes even gave Horizon a certificate award for safety last year. Mr. Oynes is the key man for the government and he knew the ins and outs of offshore drilling leases, operational safeguards, resources, environmental reviews and is considered the expert during the Bush administration. Yet, while being a paid civil servant he did not protect the interests of the country or the five states that now contend with the biggest US oil spill in history.

Read more about the Head of MMS Mr. Oynes at MMS- Mineral Management Services

There is no doubt that Mr. Oynes is the source of BP Oil’s lease purchases and how they got away with the lack of safety regulations and lack of inspections of their drilling operations.

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