BP Oil History of Leaks

May 20, 2010 British Petroleum has the biggest oil leak in history at its feet and time is running out.  The lag time between phases of recovering the amount of oil leaked into the gulf is getting longer.  Each phase is taking weeks to co-ordinate and there was no forth thought in preparing for this disaster due to their own short sightedness and failures.

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The history of BP Oil’s disaster is getting longer and longer from the 2002 spill in Alaska where the corporation was warned by the EPA  to check for leaks along the the pipeline in Alaska.  Over 4,800 barrels of oil were spilled due to a rusty pipe that was never maintained -but they saved money on it.

BP Oil -Profit at All Costs-Pissing in Your Water

Then there was the explosion in Texas where they killed 15 of the their own men and add that on to the 11 men who died in the Gulf on April 20th that is a total of 26 men who died at the hands of British Petroleum.

Shoddy work, shortcuts, saving money on repairs, violating regulations, failure to inspect are all ways that BP Oil operates and endangers workers, the environment and now destroying a whole gulf. So far they polluted Alaska, Texas, the Gulf and Lake Michigan -where will it be next?

In the past few years and even today BP Oil has also dumped waste into Lake Michigan and continues to do so which increases the water pollution in drinking water.   The dumping alone is enough to make you want to wring someone’s neck into a noose.   More in the Chicago Tribune.

How long will it take before the US government stops this corporate greed and sends these people packing for the UK.  BP Oil-Polluting the Planet one Lake or Gulf at a time.

BP Oil has a problem with leaks all right – and right now they have had 32 days of pissing in your Back Yard America, what will you do about it?

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