BP Oil Hand Picks Judges

June 18, 2010 BP Oil hand picks Judges in the upcoming lawsuits numbering in the thousands for the Gulf Oil Spill on top of the 20 billion dollar escrow fund for reparation to the economy of the Gulf states.  Another 100 million set aside for claims will not be enough to cover BP’s damages but they have deep pockets to hand pick a Texas judge.

Pro-BP Oil-Hand Picked Judge for All Cases- Lynn Hughes of Texas

Judge Lynn Hughes hand picked by BP Oil collects good bonuses from big oil including ConocoPhillips, and has investments in mineral rights on land which he leases to different oil and gas companies. Talk about stacking the deck!

One particular Judge stands out as their favorite pick to handle all the claims against them which could mean less money for the plaintiffs and more savings for British Petroleum. Judge Lynn N. Hughes has a considerable record of favoritism to big pol companies and claims are reduced or eliminated. In 2002 Hughes ruled for British Petroleum saving them 100 million dollars in moving pipelines also considered a favorable decision for big oil.

Hughes is a judge based in Texas and BP Oil is demanding all cases be held in Texas however the damages occurred in the Gulf not Texas and they are doing this for a reason.  That reason is the good judge Lynn Hughes.  BP wants to game the legal system as a typical corporate elite company they want to win cases against them.

Legal experts have reported that using only one judge for over 100 lawsuits in four states is very unusual and especially one from Houston Texas which is a pro-oil state no matter how dipped in oil this judge’s hands.  Instead of one single pro-oil judge which is blatantly tipping the scales of justice in favor of BP a jury set in each state of Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida should be the decision makers not the judge.

Again BP’s maneuvering for favor and more corruption of justice  as they did with MMS, EPA and the coast guard while continuing to fail to plug their own leak. It is obvious this judge is biased for big oil and protects their interests instead of justice for Americans and therefore this judge should be immediately disqualified by the US government.

No where in history has an oil company been given the right to “pick their own judges” who are favorable for the outcome of lawsuits and this is more of the same crooked corporate greed present at BP Oil.

In addition a Texas judge nor the state of Texas has any jurisdiction over a case involved in Louisiana, and the other states. Each state has a right to claim jurisdiction and that is where the accident, explosion and spill had occurred which continues 60 days later.

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Lawsuits on Corexit 9500- alone due to the reckless negligence of BP is making clean up workers sick and damages their health just like it did in the Exxon Valdez.  Exxon in the seventies used Corexit also.

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BP Oil Hand Picks Judges

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