BP Oil Camera Live Feed

BP Oil Camera Live Feed has been hidden  and this is the live feed that BP Oil wishes to kill for Americans while they perform their Top Kill operation on the leaky pipes 5,000 feet below the water’s surface. The Whitehouse had to intervene and request that BP oil keep the feed on at all times.

BP Oil Profits Go to Foreign Country

The reason BP oil did not want Americans to see the operation is based on their own fear that Top Kill may not work and it has failed. Also it would send their shares down immediately before they have a chance to spin the news that it was a risky operation not expected to work.  The BP Oil Camera live feed shows how much oil is leaking from the drill well and broken riser pipes.

The fact is that this Top Kill idea could actually make the leaking oil worse and this is another factor however BP cannot hide from the truth any longer. BP’s balance sheet is far healthier than the Gulf of Mexico was before the leak.

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Watch live streaming video from wkrg_oil_spill at livestream.com

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  1. When you look at the big picture BP disregarded warnings, blew up the rig, caused the leak which is 60 days into the completion of 2 relief wells that some say will not stop the oil leak. In fact many experts say the leak may never be stopped and there would always be oil leaking into the Gulf. To top that BP uses a dispersant which is actually a solvent which contains arsenic which poisons fish, wildlife and people. Over 1 million gallons of the dispersant Corexit 9500 has been dumped into the gulf to add to the toxic mix. Effectively BP has destroyed a food source for Americans, the economy of four states, the fishing industry, tourist industry and a whole slew of permanent damage to the Gulf waters.

    Politicol News Staff

  2. I am looking at the live feed on Friday, June 18th, and amazed at the amount of oil still gushing out of the pipe from the ocean floor, even though it has been capped with an apparatus, since the initial cutting of the feed pipe. I have read that the oil will continue to gush out like that for another month possibly, till August. One can see that oil is going into the ocean and polluting our Gulf of Mexico. I question, why nothing was in place, as a safe gap, to a problem like this, a worse case scenario. The fishing industry is devastated by this in the Gulf.

  3. Agreed, the Tar Sands are equally as environmentally damaging as oil spills in the ocean. Either by land or water oil spills world wide have been dumping more and more oil into the oceans however, either by collisions, sinking of ships, running aground or simply spilling oil in ocean water by “mistake”. The problem is: we can’t afford any more mistakes. The planet is at risk and it is entirely possible that by chasing old, ancient fossil fuels and by not embracing modern, clean energy sources which are plentiful we are definitely on a course of self destruction.


  4. “The Tar Sands of Alberta have just as much environmental damage as oil drilling in the ocean.


    The $9.7 billion horizon upgrader project (phase 1) from CNRL up in Fort McMurray produces a generously estimated 100,000 bbl/day. Because BP guys cut some corners, the daily spill of this relatively cheap $100million ocean well is conservatively(guess-timated) guesstimate at, say 40,000 barrels/day. CNRL essentially killed some ducks, and deforested a small area in my home province where few people really live. This ocean spill wiped clean all potential oceanic life in the the entire gulf, it’s coast, committed irrepairable damage to sealife for fisheries, marine life, algae (which produce the oxygen we breath) and tourism industry. The “tarsands” as it’s labeled is enforced by the province that companies are under mandates to replant forests upon completion and within about a decade or so forests re-grow. So I guess those Albertan “tarsands” you speak of are just damaging.

  5. The Tar Sands of Alberta have just as much environmental damage as oil drilling in the ocean.


  6. WHY dont BP and the American government request help from other Countries with experience in this type of drilling. Put out an open invitation for help. This is not a new process, but at least other Countries have back up plans for such disasters. C’mon people….the longer we wait, the worse this disaster is getting. Lets swallow our pride and get this done!. Makes the Tarsands in Canada look real good now!.

  7. It’s not a happy day for the oil industry. However, for those of you that think BP isn’t doing everything possible,think again. The challenge is overwhelming,the cost astronomical,and lets not forget those 11 men that die.

  8. Hey for that matter why not a big super sponge that soaks up crooked politicians?
    Seems like it would work.

    PN. Staff – Jenny

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