BP Latest News-Lower Marine Riser Cap

The Lower Marine Riser Cap is the new plan after Top Kill failed last Saturday night BP Oil Doug Suttles made the announcement that all hopes were dashed on the operation Top Kill when it failed to stop the oil leak. The next attempt is called the Lower Marine Riser Cap where it could make the leak worse which is not a risk to be taken.  The whole mess of oil already leaking at the bottom of the ocean makes this a dead sea basically because in 3 months calculating 19,000 barrels of oil spilling each and every day is a disaster which is continuing to pollute and destroy the Gulf.

Oil Rig sinking into the Ocean

These drill rigs are at risk also as hurricane season begins tomorrow June 1, 2010 and there are 7 large hurricanes predicted by the US Weather forecasters.

Some call this the countdown to doomsday as 19,000 gallons per day leak into the gulf unstoppable by mankind.

The latest attempt the Lower Marine Riser Cap is very dangerous and can cause more oil to flow as BP wishes to place a cap on the riser pipe where they have to cut the pipe first which will gush more oil out. If the LMRC fails then there will be more oil flowing out for 3 more months until August when the relief wells will be ready.  The only  way the oil leak will be stopped is by the relief well and that is a historic fact since the last spill in the seventies -it was the only process that worked to stop a leak then.

The US government and EPA agencies or the coast guard should not allow this to happen because it is very, very risky and if they believe BP Oil at this stage of the game they are fools themselves. The insertion tube that BP had used a week ago can collect more oil and that is the objective – to capture more oil not take risky chances that this new LMRC will not work. In fact it has never been attempted before especially at this depth of 5,000 feet anything can and has gone wrong.

The BP Oil executives have proven they like to take chances and take risks by ignoring safety which is what they are doing now, ignoring the odds that they could be very wrong again and again.
The Gulf of Mexico will never be the same.

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