BP Ignored Safety Warnings

May 31, 2010  BP Oil ignored warnings before the explosion was admitted to by BP Oil during a congressional investigation and proceeded to continue the drill operation on the Deepwater Horizon rig.  Internal documents marked “confidential” were presented to Congress showed BP knew of many problems hours before the blast occurred on the Horizon rig.

BP Oil Explosion Destroyed the Gulf

BP Oil’s own investigators admitted that BP ignored safety warnings and that the mistake involved disregarded the high pressure readings of the drill lines which were read at an abnormally high  1,400 pounds per square inch.  At this point BP should have known there was a problem with their rig and could have stopped it but they chose to ignore the warnings.

BP Oil ignored many safety warnings of a device failure, sealing problems,  wiring problems with the blow out preventer which caused the methane gas to explode the rig.   This is not human error as described by some who protect BP’s reputation and far from it and it is called negligence on many levels.

This compiling of errors and warnings would have saved the Gulf but at that point a high level decision was made to proceed and those persons need to come forth and admit they ignored safety warnings in the BP oil rig explosion.  Although many escaped from the fiery blast 11 men died on the rig during the explosion that were employed by Horizon.

Testimony before Congress is a time for a company to come clean as did Toyota Motor Corporation who admitted their hiding from recalls, and their ignorance of safety regulations had caused death and damage to American drivers.

This is the second time in recent months where a foreign company like BP has ignored the safety of Americans and now precious eco-systems and have caused damage and death to Americans.  Therefore the regulations governing these industries need to be strengthened and the region needs to be made whole again on BP’s dime.

Senator Barbara Boxer came out and called for the Department of Justice to open a criminal and civil investigation into the BP oil spill. Boxer is the head of the environmental panel said that the operators of the rig did not have required equipment, technology or response back up systems to prevent the 21 million gallon oil spill which continues today.  Six other senators called for a DOJ investigation and the people of Louisiana have also requested justice for BP’s blatant mistakes that is ruining the shoreline.

The oil will continue to spill into the Gulf of Mexico  until August now because not one plan that BP has initiated has stopped the leak.  It is at that time that a relief well will be completed which takes 3 months since the April 20th explosion.

If Congress fails to act in this crisis or whitewashes the blame against BP Oil, Halliburton and Horizon there will be screams from the public to punish this corporation for the damages they have caused through recklessness, greed and incompetence in the Gulf Oil Spill.

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