BP Cut and Cap

June 2 2010 BP Cut and cap is underway in an attempt to cut the leaking pipe BP has run into more problems with the diamond cutting saw getting stuck in the midst of the cut and cap.  The saw blade visible in the camera below is expected to work but its any one’s guess as to whether this operation will work when BP’s efforts so far have proven to fail.

In fact if the cap that is intended to cap off the oil does not stay on after they have opened up a gusher hole with more oil leaking this may prove to be more harmful than ever predicted by the scientists and experts.  The estimates of pressure are undisclosed and seem to be a challenge for BP oil to overcome in their efforts to cap the leak and stop the flow of oil.  The oil is now spreading throughout the gulf of Mexico and headed towards the western coast line of Florida.  As hurricane season is now under way as of June 1st the spread of oil can worsen the coastline pollution and damages.

BP Cut and Cap Saw Gets Stuck during Operation to Stop the Leak

In all this procedure is not used 5,000 feet below the surface and with all calculations made todate the pressure of the oil coming from the bottom of the ocean must be strong enough that the Junk shot and the Top Kill were unable to control it days ago.

The total amount of oil now is estimated at 800,000 gallons per day but many say it is much higher and both the government and BP Oil are not telling the truth.

At this rate of 800,000 gallons it is much higher than before BP started to attempt a repair and they may be doing more damage than any benefit to stop the leak.

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