BP Bans Safe Cleanup of Oil

June 8, 2010 BP has banned the use of safe oil cleanup methods in favor of toxic, deadly chemicals with the objective of sinking the oil to the bottom of the ocean-out-of-sight-out-of-mind.

 BP bans all safe methods of oil absorbing techniques and continues to want to sink their problem oil to the bottom of the ocean. Oil has washed up on three states and the longer this oil is allowed to leak out of BP’s drill well -the more it will continue to spread.  Scientists now predict the oil plumes will get caught up in the Gulf loop where it will move to the west coast of Florida, around the Keys up the east coast of Florida and up the Atlantic Coast to Newfoundland.  This oil is spreading and a hurricane season will stir up the oil plumes that BP denies exist.  Cuba has also expressed fear that the BP oil will reach the Cuban beaches which is a tourist boon to the country.  By BP banning safer methods the oil will continue to threaten more countries and will be in the gulf longer than necessary. This is a huge mistake and BP should be told to stop all chemical dispersants that are actually helping them to avoid higher costs of clean up by sinking the problem.

The danger in BP’s strategy here is that the oil is not being removed, it is being spread which is not a very smart strategy. Rather than get rid of the oil permanently BP Oil is just spreading it around the Gulf.

It is time that President Obama “kicked ass” as he said yesterday on the air and force BP to pay for cleaner methods of oil absorption and removal, not the chemical dispersant Corexit 9500.

Sickened workers on the cleanup that BP has hired have had the symptoms of chemical poisoning, headaches, vomiting, fatigue, asthma-like symptoms.

Why the US government is allowing these chemicals to be used which also need to be removed from the ocean waters because they are deadly is beyond reasoning. Is the government so incompetent as to allow BP to call the shots? It appears that the EPA has no competent heads, no guts and no glory in getting rid of this terrorist threat-BP Oil.
BP Oil continues to assault the shores of four states with the help of the US government, basically a self induced threat due to basic stupidity of the administration.

The fact is some chemical company is making a killing in profits on Corexit 9500 and it is surprising the media has not dug in to find out who is making big bucks on BP’s chemical usage in the gulf. BP has dumped over 1 million gallons of the dispersant Corexit 9500 and Tony Hayward-CEO of BP Oil has stated it is “as safe as dishwashing liquid”.

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It is amazing that even a Hollywood actor like Kevin Costner or James Cameron have come up with more effective methods and assistance that BP Oil has turned down.  The US government could have stepped in here and forced BP to use these methods and accept help from James Cameron but it did not act, it’s failures to use safe environmental cleanup methods shows the Obama administration is no more up on green energy and safety.

Kevin Costner's Machine will CleanUp BP's spill Safer than Dispersants

This illustrates that either the Obama administration and Barack Obama are not as intelligent as he thinks he is, and is play acting at being a President who takes the right path and has taken decisive action.  Obama claims to be green -but actually he is as soaked in oil as George Bush.


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