Bill Gates Vaccine Decade

Bill Gates Vaccine Decade

Published May 18, 2011

Would you buy a refrigerator from a doctor, or would you let a garbage man do brain surgery?  Not likely.

Then, who made Bill Gates your vaccine expert?

Bill Gates again making headlines in his promotion of vaccines sounded like the gift to the world when actually there is much wrong with vaccines on many deadly levels.

As if anyone would accept Bill Gates as a vaccine expert, he minimizes the fact that vaccines contain cancer causing chemicals, mercury, aluminum and fails to mention he is working closely with pharmaceutical companies.

Again the globalist vaccine salesman is pushing drugs onto poorer vulnerable countries and in this video he actually advocates bring down population growth to zero. But it gets much worse in our next article on Bill Gates and older seniors.

This requires a massive vaccine program that is meant to reduce population with infertility vaccines!!
Shocking but true.

Bill Gates the Vaccinator:

If Bill Gates believes you can reduce the world’s population by vaccinating the world there must be a compelling reason to find out what is in those vaccines.

Many people know that the chemicals in vaccines have infertility as a side effect given to poorer countries and in the United States they will reduce populations by sterlization.

What is it about billionaires that believe they are experts in population, world heath issues and what gives Gates the qualifications to be such a self proclaimed authority on vaccines and health.? The beliefs held by the Rockefellers and the Gates billionaires club believe there won’t be enough resources for them. They worry too much.

Perhaps the large drug makers love Bill Gates’ money or his wife Melinda who worked for a pharma selling cheap drugs on the internet which went bankrupt are behind this massive vaccine push. Perhaps the motivation is just greed, profits and money.

The world should be aware that Bill Gates is working on pumping out more vaccines and is working closely with the drug cartels to ensure their lame products are brought to the market quicker.

The money trail stinks of self interests and a corrupted plan to ensure large masses of people get sick after vaccines -just a self propelling crop of likely candidates to buy more drugs.

Bill Gates  new hobby is pharmaceutical profiteering and ensuring he reduces the world’s population growth.


One good reason why you should not believe Geeks involved in drugs

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