Bill Gates Vaccination Program

Feb. 14, 2011  Bill Gates Vaccination Program

Bill Gates Vaccination program started when he took interest in his wife’s affairs  and ramped it up when in January 2010 it was announced that he donated 10 billion dollars directly to his foundation to funnel drug companies money.  However, it is not for the benevolent reason that Bill Gates professes which is to help the impoverished poor to live healthier lives.  Gates is not trying to save the little black babies he is pictured with and shooting up with deadly vaccines.  You can therefore draw your own conclusions of his real motives but we will explore who is behind the curtain of all this generosity.


The purpose of this 10 billion dollars is to develop and distribute even more vaccines than the current scheduled requirements which have increased steadily for the last fifty years.   Why do drug companies need the Bill Gates billions of dollars, basically it is to speed up the process of vaccinating the world.

It is Bill Gates that said at a video taped conference that we have to reduce the world population. Now how does one reduce the whole world’s population and under what circumstances would one person take it upon himself to end life?  A rather egotistical, selfish person named Bill Gates who believes there is not enough food, water, land, air and life on the planet for all of us, so some of us must go.

At the same time Bill Gates is a vaccination advocate who promises that people who are vaccinated will live, they will live by being vaccinated which is a hypocritical statement and where he obviously contradicts himself.


Bill Gates targets the poorer countries like Africa where education is low, poverty is high and there is an easy market for his snake oil vaccines.  Third world countries after all do not complain and if they died from the vaccines there are no facilities to investigate the cause of death.

In a corrupt African government,  who would dare attribute a death to a vaccine and that is why the drug companies who are working with Bill Gates Foundation chose these easy target countries to be easily exploited.   In addition the GF  wishes to give them the vaccinations to reduce the world population.  At first one would assume there must be some kind of mistake and this is not what Gates meant in his speech, but we have it on tape.


In the video Gates goes through the mathematical sequences and proof that there is not enough “resources” for all of us on this planet on this time and in the future. Oh horrors!!  What shall we do Bill?

The world population is growing too fast for Bill Gate’s liking and he wants to reduce the numbers.  Basically that requires some killing of some kind, or some type of sterilization of the unwashed masses that are consuming too many resources.

Did you catch the “bringing that number down to zero part?”  Yes, Bill Gates wants the population growth of the world to all of a sudden stop.  He wants no people born in the world. It must be zero.

Most religions of the world believe in a higher power and his name is not Bill Gates.  The ego of this megalomaniac exceeds all boundaries of intelligent matter.

We can safely classify Bill Gates and his obvious obsession with vaccines as a  psychopathological delusional geek who has extended his welcome on planet earth.  If there is any reason for requiring the extermination people of earth, kill unborn generations by sterilization or by simply demanding that we lose a couple of billion people- then Bill Gates should go first.


If some computer techie would have said we have to reduce the world population before October 28, 1955 to Bill Gates parents, we would not be having this discussion today.

If an ego maniac of the fifties told William and Mary Gates that they could not have any more children due to their consumption of “too many resources” we would not have this psycho geek going around jabbing little black children in third world countries with vaccines.

The problem with Bill Gate’s theories and his manifestations of gloom and doom, vaccines have increased steadily for the past 50 years and so have the rates of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, mental illness, kidney diseases and liver diseases.  The rates of deaths from the side effects of vaccines have not been calculated in his equations.  The damage done to human health have increased on government budgets  due to the increases of diseases not the reduction by the use of vaccines.  The Gardasil vaccine is the biggest farce in vaccine history which is supposedly going to stop cervical cancer. There is no vaccine that stops any cancer and this is just one of them.


There are over 40 vaccines given to children including annual flu shots where as in the 1950’s when Bill Gates was born there were only 12.  Gates seemed to survive without the other 28 shots quite nicely and so can all Americans.  The MMR vaccine is proven to cause bowel diseases and mercury is in all shots which is used as a preservatives and drug companies will not eliminated it since it makes millions of dollars in profit.

Once you realize the truth behind how drug companies operate and learn that almost 40 percent of their budgets are spent on advertising or marketing and less than 5 percent spent on research you get a clearer picture of the truth about vaccines.

Vaccines represents a gold mine to drug companies and Bill Gates is only too happy to produce the software to help them grow their business.  Already in the “pipeline” are more vaccines being produced for more minor annoyances than the flu.

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How Bill Gates will reduce the World’s Population –  Vaccinating the Little Black Babies

This is how vaccines are made and still today cell lines from green monkeys are used and if you listen to what Dr. Maurice Hilleman says about transmission of diseases by the vaccines themselves you will understand the myth around vaccines being safe. Drug companies say that vaccines do not spread viruses but 50 years ago we knew different.

Dr. Maurice Hilleman worked for Merck Pharmaceuticals which today is one of the giant vaccine and ddrug manufacturers of the world. He was the Chief of the vaccine division and he explains the origin of AIDS back in the 1950’s. Hilleman was the innovator of the MMR vaccine a triple dose of Measles, Mumps and Rubella that has been proven to cause bowel diseases in children by Dr. Wakefield who’s studies have been replicated in the United States.


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