Bill Gates Population and Energy

Feb. 27, 2010 1:30 p.m. Bill Gates Population and Energy

Bill Gates likes to talk a lot on population control, climate control and the endorsements of his Gates Foundation advancing his corporate interests and business strategies. This is his goal to help the poorest nations lead better lives, by vaccinating he will reduce the world population.  This will avoid starvation for the rest of us and Bill Gates and it will reduce poverty.

At the TED technology conference Bill Gates released a bunch of live mosquitoes to go into the audience to show that not only the poor should get malaria. Another stunt for priming us for more vaccines.  Just because malaria affects most of Africa is there any reason to vaccinate the rest of the world? Not really Bill.

His wife Melinda Gates previously on the board of directors for  and as also attends the Bilderberg Group a group of elitist globalists who are calling for the New World Order.
Gates and his wife has become a prominent figure to market vaccines to other global organizations such as the Bilderberg conference which he attended. The likes of Donald Rumsfeld attend these conferences of globalists who have become concerned that the world is becoming too populated and they are strategizing on how to reduce the growth.

But how do we rationalize his comments on vaccines and reducing the growth of populations in the world. Bill Gates is quite concerned that there are too many people on the planet, therefore we should vaccinate them all. To the common person this means vaccines can kill you off so you do not become a burden to Bill Gates.

Personally we believe Bill Gates has gone off the deep end of his mind and realistically the population will grow regardless of vaccines which have proven to do more harm that good.

Gates donation of 2 billion dollars to vaccinate the “poorer countries” and his comments on reducing the world population in this video are revealing for the billionaire computer geek.

At the TED conference which is an organization which is sponsored by one of the greatest polluters of the world is where Gates presented his solution.

Bill Gates Controlling the World Population and Energy Strategies

Listen to his presentation, 6.8 billion people heading up to 9 billion “we can lower that.”

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Perhaps the world would be better served if Bill Gates went back to the drawing board on his Microsoft computers and fix those first before he attempts to become a world authority on how to reduce the world population. Geeks can become very scary if left to their own devices.

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