Beef Recall-USDA FDA Asleep at the Wheel

Aug 30, 2010 A Beef Recall added to the numerous other recalls for American consumers and families who are wondering why this is continuing to happen are asking themselves if there is any food left that is safe.


A recall of 8,500 pounds of Cargill beef sold at 26 large retail store BJ’s Wholesale Club stores which includes the stores outside of Baltimore for E.coli contamination. The United States Department of Agriculture have numbers on this been meaning they must have known which lots were contaminated yet the tainted beef still passed inspection. There is a definite co-operative relationship between corporate farmers and the USDA as well as the FDA and these are known tainted products and keep arriving on grocery shelves and in the food supply yet there are no charges and no one going to jail. In the announcement the FDA did indicate that the contaminated beef is not limited to the Baltimore area and could be in all the meat supply today.  Since the FDA was 3 months late in announcing the egg recall this could indicate they were wrong about the beef recall also. It is anyone’s guess who is actually doing their work and the effectiveness of the FDA, CDC and NIH which have billions of dollars of funding has resulted in failure after failure. The E.coli bacteria never used to be in food up until the factory farms took control of the food supply 15 to 20 years ago.  Today thanks to their close relationship with drug companies who believe vaccinating and adding drugs to animals somehow makes them safe the food supply is full of danger and diseases.  Other countries especially in Europe have higher standards of food production and have safety regulations that are strictly enforced but not in the United States. Foods are now coming into the country from foreign countries that are washed in polluted chemical water and are hardly safet for human consumption as with the case of infant milk from China that contained melamine plastic added as a protein boost. However in China they execute people that break the law and many of theses CEO’s are killed but not in the United States. The Wright County Egg Company owner Jack Decoster who caused the egg recall of some 880 million eggs was a known violator of many laws and yet goes unpunished. Decoster scoffs at the tiny fines imposed on him and continues to pollute the food supply. What to Do if You Ate E.coli Contaminated Beef or any Food with E.coli Bacteria: If you have eaten e.coli bacteria foods you will quickly know about it. Symptoms range from: Bloody diarrhea Stomach pains Sickness Fever Vomiting kidney damage damage to red blood cells. If you have eaten contaminated foods see a doctor and then see a lawyer. Anti-biotics will not work to help you with the infection and the bacteria must be flushed out of the intestines.  The bacteria will continue to circulate the body until it gets out of your system which could take weeks. Go to the hospital if symptoms worsen.  Rest and stay hydrated with clean, pure water which will flush the bacteria out. The Center for Disease Control must be on permanent vacation for the last 20 years since the infections found in foods are increasing each year.  The blame is put on more resources by the CDC however they have plenty of money from taxpayers they are simply not doing their jobs of inspecting the factory farms.  Mass production factory farms are the only culprits making tainted foods today and yet they are not punished.  The US government has to get tough and put these people in jail before the next outbreak and we need better standards of beef production. If the government does not take these food recalls seriously, the health care costs of Americans will continue to skyrocket and if the Tea Party is interested in reducing spending they would get with the program. The more accurate description of what is going on here is that corporations are cutting corners on safety, sanitary regulations, and are putting more migrant workers at work here in the US.  The factory farms put chemicals and hormones to make cattle fatter before they are slaughtered and the addition of hormone drugs. A human eating this type of product will also ingest the same chemicals as the animal did which is not healthy. People would be well advised to buy food locally at local farms and buy in bulk by purchasing a freezer for the winter months.  Also households can get back to basics by canning as our parents did in the 1950’s and make a years supply.  The glass mason jars used long ago are safer than purchasing canned foods today. Actually the term “canning” has nothing to do with tin cans and are fruits and vegetables preserved in mason glass jars with lids that are vacuum sealed. Since you cannot trust the current administration to protect you against the garbage being sold in grocery stores today there are ways to make your own foods on an annual basis. TAGS: Beef Recall, E.coli in beef recall August 30, 2010, More recalls of beef, FDA fails again on Beef Recall, CDC failures to protect the food supply, what to do if you ate food with e.coli bacteria, symptoms of e.coli food poisoning. written by: L Avelia Gomez EDITOR’S NOTE: Makes you want to barf -doesn’t it. P.Neisman Politicol News Editor FDA ADMINISTRATOR MARGARET HAMBURG ( NICE NAME FOR A MEAT RECALL- DON’T EAT HAMBURGERS) Contrary to what the CDC and the FDA tell you – do not believe that cooking meat at higher temperatures will kill the bacteria because it will not.  Just like eggs once a food product is contaminated -it cannot be “made safe”  by cooking it.  Throw it out, better yet take it back to your store and get a full refund.

But I am doing drugs, I love drugs, I love drugs in everyone's foods, really I am doing my job -we are on top of this -even though we are 3 months late on the egg recall....but the beef that is harder to do...we need more authority, we need more money....we can't do our job...we are totally incompetent.


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  1. FDA can’t seem to get anything right. They can’t make sure that what I put in my mouth isn’t tainted, but they call my own stem cells “adultrated” if they are multiplied in a petri dish and returned to me. Makes perfectly good sense – for idiots. Where do they get these people?

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