Beef Products Inc. Slows Down Production of Pink Slime

Pink Slime Factories that produce industrial strength Pink slime from garbage, have decided to Slow Down Operations!

The factory farms will rebrand themselves and come back stronger with some new ad slick campaign that again lies to the public and the USDA will help them commit that fraud.

The smell of this mixture will tell you what it is….ammonia and garbage scraps.

By now every American has heard about what Pink Slime is:

Slaughter house refuse, stuff they would normally put in dog food.

Scraps that go in the garbage including bits of cartilage and cow parts unfit to eat unless you spray it with ammonia a known household carcinogen.

Chemically treated refuse that had to be treated with ammonia a poisonous household cleanser and put into regular ground beef without the customer’s knowledge.

The meat industry backed by the USDA who are influenced by beef lobbyists, say it is all safe to consume, but do not label the product on grocery shelves.

Pink Slime Makers “Suspend” Operations

Four out of the five plants that produce the unhealthy refuse from slaughterhouses, which is mixed into regular hamburger have been found out by whistleblowers of the USDA.

Fast Food Slime

The former USDA government scientist that exposed the pink slime is Gerald Zirnstein a friend to millions of consumers for exposing the dangerous fraud in the hamburger industry.Previously, pink slime was found in McDonald’s hamburger meat and most likely any fast food chain including Taco Bell, Wendy’s and they never disclosed that fact.

Grocery Store Slime-Safeway, Costco, Publix

Since the hoax was exposed, major grocery chains that previously sold Pink slime to unsuspecting consumers such as: Safeway, Publix and Costco. These massive food chains have since the exposed hoax, decided to take pink slime off their shelves.

Buyer Beware on Pink Slime

The stores may say they have taken it off the shelves but there is no requirement to label pink slime from the USDA. (They don’t think you should know what your buying).

Pink Slime is Cheating, Faudulent, a Hoax on Consumers Approved by the USDA

Zirnstein added that Pink Slime was never approved for hamburger or human consumption by the USDA.

He says: “It’s cheating and economic Fraud”. As a food scientist at the USDA he has known about this pink slime since 2002, that’s over 10 years ago!

Beef Industry Lobbyists Received USDA Endorsements For 10 Years:

The beef industry through their legion of lobbyists asked the USDA to endorse Pink Slime and call it “Lean Finely Textured Beef” which is totally misleading advertising (FCC) Where is the FCC in this matter, no where to be found.

1) Firstly, Pink Slime is not beef it is scrap refuse, garbage and spoiled scraps most often already infected with salmonella, e-coli and bacteria.

2) Pink Slime is not textured it is cleansed with ammonia since it contains e.coli and salmonella from rotting in containers before it is processed and sold.

3) Pink Slime is not lean in terms of calling it beef, it is neither and this is false advertising violating Consumer Laws, Ethics Violations and indeed the definition of fraudulent food sales.

4) Pink Slime has no nutritional value, zero. None. Nada. You cannot call Pink Slime nutritious which is the whole object of eating foods that have value. Pink Slime should be delegated to the garbage bin and disposed of -not sold in the human food chain.

Beef Product Inc. the major factory that produces pink slime cannot legitimately call Pink Slime a “Beef Product”. The American Beef Institute Janety Reilly says it is “finely textured lean beef product” but it is not 100% beef and she doesn’t make that distinction clear for consumers.

Recently, she got testy after her organization was found to rubber stamped Pink Slime as safe beef for your kids in school lunches.

The organization had a hand in the sale of 7 million pounds of that slime stuff for school lunches!

Approximately 600 workers were laid off at the three plants however the forth plant is still in production making a contaminated filler product.

Weeks ago, two former scientists blew the whistle on the pink slimy stuff that was never labeled to consumers.

No Labels on Pink Slime

The problem with Pink Slime and the major issue is that the garbage was a hoax on consumers, since it was never labeled.

The price of pink slime also is rigged at the same price as “real Hamburger” without the pink slime, that is against consumer laws and usually it’s called fraud. The FDA, USDA and are complicit in that fraud.

Consumers were never given a choice on buying it -the slime was added without consumer knowledge a potential threat to their human health directly.

600 workers production suspended- demand isn’t there
halts production at 3 of 4 plants
suspending production but not completely

What Needs to Happen at the USDA:

1) The USDA has to come clean with consumers, new laws requiring the true ingredients of food products and accurate labeling, including the original location where the food was made.

2) The government has to require the food industry to clean up its products-no more food recalls or your out of business and enforce those laws no matter how big the corporation.

3) New food laws regarding how food is made need to go back to basics on farms and more organic growing both in plants and meat products at cattle ranches. It is not acceptable to cleanse food with deadly chemicals and if that is necessary the food is not acceptable for human consumption.

4) The food industry needs to concentrate more on quality, than quantity of how much garbage they can produce, and what they can get away with in cutting costs for greater profits disregarding safety for the public. 

5) The FDA and the USDA must enter into safety regulations and enforce them on factory food makers the large companies like Wright County Egg were never punished for 500 million salmonella eggs due to slack sanitary conditions and abuse of their animals.

6) Fines do not work, the criminal prosecution of food makers is necessary to ensure this filth never reaches the dinner table of American families. Consumers rely on their government to “protect against pink slime” not endorse it as safe.

7) Foreign countries will not buy US meat for the reasons listed, US food is filthy, over processed, filled with viruses, antibiotics, chemical colors, bad science and there are no regulations. This hurts the economy, hurts jobs, and hurts the vitality of working Americans.

8) The US government needs to totally revamp food safety requirements, concentrating on “the bad apples which are the filthy factory farms” that produce this gunk and put them out of business.

These companies serve no useful purpose to society, they harm food exports and they are solely in the business of profits.

Gerald Zirnstein-USDA-Scientist, Whistleblower we need to thank him for saving lives and our children.

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