Baxter Drug Patent -Part 3-Exposing Vaccine Fraud

 Baxter Drug Patent-Part 3-Exposing Vaccine Fraud

Updated march 26, 2011 Due to some unforeseen circumstances the links to Baxters Patents for H1N1 Vaccine one year before the Swine Flu outbreak were broken.

However to bring you the truth about the Swine Flu Hoax we have now obtained more links to Baxters Patents for all swine flu strains.  In an attempt by the pharmaceutical companies such as Baxter Drug Company to cover their tracks the patents were indeed obtained 1 year before the outbreak of Swine Flu.

This tells the American public how drug companies operate and how they can manipulate viruses in laboratories and then manufacture a vaccine however these vaccines are not scientifically proven to work.  The battle against drug companies who are corrupt enough to manufacture a virus in their labs for profit will continue.

Originally posted on November 3, 2009  10:24 a.m.    The Height of The Swine Flu Fraud


Baxter Drug Patent-Part 3 -Exposing Vaccine Fraud

Section 0030 of the Baxter Patent:  Also refers to “by choice of the cells used for virus propagation e.g.) mammalian, avian or insect cell cultures instead of embryonic eggs? In particular embodiments of the invention is the use of diseased  African green monkey kidney( (VERO) cells are used for viral propagation.  The monkeys which could carry the AID’s virus in their blood are systematically injected with the viruses and are grown using monkey genes.

Baxter had intentions of using all types of hosts for their gene lines although they do not mention it in their application. The will grow these viruses on mammals (that could have included aborted babies and they could use aborted babies without advising the government which is incompetently not testing this vaccine. It is anyone’s guess what is truly in these Swine flu vaccines but what we do know is enough to damage human health permanently.

Mammals (formally Mammalian) are a class of vertebrate animals whose females are characterized by the possession of mammary glands “.  And the monkey reference does not indicate they used female monkeys but this application process could and is not clear that they are NOT using aborted fetuses to grown the cell lines for the human virus.  This application is not clear nor should have been approved for using aborted fetuses and this upset many christian republicans who approved this vaccine.  Viruses grow faster and more economically on human aborted fetus cells.

In an articles in dated Dec 23, 2003 the drug companies were already preparing ways to cut the production time of their vaccines. Paul Elias from the associated press presented these facts:

“SAN FRANCISCO — The nation’s anxiety over the dwindling supply of flu shots has exposed an antiquated manufacturing system that depends on 90 million fertilized chicken eggs and a 9-month process to produce each year’s batch of influenza vaccines.

It needn’t be that way. Drug companies and academic researchers say they could reduce the lead time and prepare more effective vaccines by incubating the virus in monkey cells rather than eggs — and by using genetic engineering to remove much of the guesswork of preventing a disease that kills an average of 36,000 Americans a year.

Kids Frightened into Getting Swine Chemical Vaccine Injections
Kids Frightened into Getting Swine Chemical Vaccine Injections

Government indifference, business resistance and public apathy have slowed the adoption of such techniques, vaccine researchers say. But that may change soon now that federal health officials have responded to the vaccine shortage with calls for overhauling the system.”

This indicates back in 2003 drug  companies were already devising ways to cut the production time with no regard to the safety of their product because they did not want to wait the 9 months to grow viruses with chicken eggs.

The article indicates they were using infected monkey cells and by genetic engineering were persuading government officials to overhaul the vaccine approval system which the FDA has now been a part of in the 2008 application approval of this swine vaccine patent by Baxter.

In order to “speed up” the vaccination process back in 2003 the CDC Director Julie Gerberding endorsed the monkey cell process as method of vaccine production without fully studying this process or proving its safely.

See 2003 USA Today Article.

The article goes on to state that researchers like Dr. Richard Webby who has been trying to speed up production of virus vaccines indicated that the flu vaccines of 2003 did not contain the virus that was being spread that year.

The flu vaccine of 2003 was totally useless and science does not have the ability to predict or produce a total anti-virus or anti-flu vaccine year to year. This also brings up the question that producing an annual flu vaccine and now an annual swine flu vaccine in reality does not prove they are effective. Also the annual production does produce drug company profits annually and this is paid for by taxpayers through the federal government free shot programs.

Therefore the federal government is approving vaccines that do not prove to work and shooting saline solution into people would probably protect them more than the swine flu vaccine today. Back in 2003 the WHO have a team of doctors meet with Virologists (no one knows who these virologists are) most probable they are drug company virologists.  They try to hatch a plan to produce annual flu shots for a crap shoot on what they think will be the leading flu virus of that year.  It’s like a psychic predicting your future which is hardly scientific.

The site indicates there are many pig flu viruses apparently in 2009 they jumped the contamination lines from pigs to people, and a chicken avian flu virus got in the way too.  Then they all infected each other with the swine flu and now pigs are growing wings and can fly, and people are running around in a panic like chickens with their heads cut off.

This is Franken science at best coming for Austria and the WHO Doctors who devised this hatched vaccine.  You just have to read the site to know what is coming down the virus line with more viruses being released by drug companies.


“Like all influenza viruses, swine flu viruses change constantly. Pigs can be infected by avian influenza and human influenza viruses as well as swine influenza viruses.

When influenza viruses from different species infect pigs, the viruses can reassort (i.e. swap genes) and new viruses that are a mix of swine, human and/or avian influenza viruses can emerge.

Over the years different variations of swine flu viruses have emerged. At this time, there are four main influenza type A virus subtypes that have been isolated in pigs: H1N1, H1N2, H3N2, H3N1.

They are covering all bases and preparing you for what comes next -the next epidemic will be H1N2, H3N2, H3N1 and so one.  “News Flash -pigs can fly.”

The Flu dot gov site does more to prepare you for coming swine, avian human flu viruses than it did to investigate who mixed up these viruses in a lab and gave it to a pig that gave it to a chicken that gave it to a small boy in Mexico.

There has been no revelations, and no investigation on how this happened and what evidence is there than it was not a laboratory manufactured virus strain that contained all three viruses. Even more puzzling is the fact that the vaccine patent for this strange mixture of viruses was already in place before the outbreak by two years. As Bill Mayer stated you have to be really dumb to not know what is going on here-its business and just added great profits to the drug company’s bottom line. Bill said “anyone who takes this vaccine is really dumb” on Twitter.

Here is how it went down, first you manufacture a virus, throw in a virus that has not been on the planet like the Spanish flu of 1918 then infect a pig, in a foreign country. Then you infect a small child who carries this strain back to the USA.

Previously you test this method by infecting chickens in China to test out the speed of spread by infecting humans with SARS in 2003- 2004.  The SARS coronavirus came from infected chickens in remote areas of Guangdong in south China in November 2002.

That was also a mystery and the Chinese couldn’t figure out how the SARS virus jumped from chickens to people which had never occurred in the history of viruses and is not a common method of spread. This was just a test run for the big event of 2009 swine flu manufacturing killer viruses and then releasing them by accident like Otfried Kistner did in February 2009. This was all purely by accident claims Baxter.

First they started with the chicken population now we have pigs infected and assume that cows are next but wait weren’t they infected also with mad cow disease.  Our food supply is under constant attack by this mysteriously appearing viruses and no one is controlling the laboratories that are spreading these viruses like never before.

You have to thank your Center for Disease Control for not controlling the spread of diseases in the food supply and not doing their job but actually increasing the amount of control of themselves from the drug corporations.  Thanks to the Food and Drug administration for not protecting the food supply also and what do Food and Drugs have in common with each other -these should be two separate government controls.

We have only to look forward to the Genetically Modified Corn coming from the University of Iowa that are designing a swine flu vaccine in the genetically modified corn.
That is what science is leading up to -vaccines in your food so you cannot know you are getting dangerous viruses in your daily corn flakes.

What people and the government do not realize is that by failing to protect against these accidental releases of viruses from drug company laboratories is that it will wreak havoc on the economy and increase health care costs.

The US government has not protected people against the drug company’s greed profit mandate and their willful neglect in protecting against accidents which will kill people but also kills the economy.


The Sars Virus of 2004:   

Medical News Today Dated April 22, 2004

Baxter Swine Flu Vaccine Patent

Baxter Swine Flu Vaccine Patent


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