Assad and Wife Live Luxury Life while Slaughtering Syrian People

Assad and Wife Live Luxury Life while Slaughtering Syrian People

While bombing his own people with hundreds dead on a daily basis newly released emails show that Assad and his wife enjoy shopping on the internet.

She for jewelry and spending thousands while Syrians are starving for food and he for downloading music from Apple’s iTunes. Living the luxury life with nothing more to ponder than what jewels to buy indicates the first family are unphased by the the killings of the Syrian people. One can only hope he meets with the same fate as Mommar Gaddafi and his day is coming, one day.

This brutal dictator family are responsible for over 10,000 deaths, of innocent children, women and men who want nothing more than their freedom from the tyrannical government that runs Syria.

Assad also communicates with his trusted aides through his email account and seemingly he gets around the country’s internet security system.

The emails also reveal a Dubai company with an office in London that funnels government business for Syria and the private spending spree of Mrs. Assad.

Activists were able to hack into the Assad’s emails and have been monitoring for several months.

The emails reveal strong ties to the Iranian Ambassador who consults with Assad advising him to use “strong and violent language” and to show appreciation for “Friendly States”.

Former UN Kofi has warned the United Nations on the grave consequences and that ousting Assad is a delicate situation.