Arizona Border

Arizona Border Politics- Politicol News Report -In 2007, the Bush administration’s answer to immigration along the Arizona -Mexican border was to spend 49 billion dollars on a fence. The fence was to be built along the US and Mexico southern border with a 25 year life span. The price was a lot higher than the budget and did not include buying the land rights, or contracting the 1,952 miles of fencing to a private contract firm.

Homeland Security in 2007 spent 1.5 billion for the technology to monitor the border, which did not include the fencing. Obviously, this was another waste of taxpayer’s dollars, which failed to accomplish the goal of closing the boarder. Republicans that failed in this theory definitely have very little to be proud of in their critical comments about Obama’s priorities -like rescuing the whole economy. The Arizona border is more about politics than keeping the Mexicans out of the United States and is more about putting pressure on the Obama administration.

The Bush administration failed to protect the border and now states are taking matters into their own hands like Arizona’s recent draconian requirement of Hispanics having to carry identification wherever they go.

The Border fence also harmed the environment as well as proved fruitless in protecting the immigration of people into the southern states. Back in 2007, John McCain also supported the fence idea, which fell flat on its face.

It becomes a matter of Arizona failing to protect its own borders by using the immigration bill 1070 to find a cheap way to do its own monitoring even with a 50 billion dollar fence.

Homeland security Janet Napolitano announced early in 2010 that the US government had searched for a virtual fence on the border called SBInet.  The virtual fence would be computer monitored, with cameras and Border Agents alerted to any breaches, which sounds like it could work and save money. However, after spending millions on consultants the contractor was unable to integrate the computers with the border fencing.  IT is evident and consistent that no one really knows how to protect the Mexico-USA border.

Bush Fence Failed to Keep Arizona Protected

A request for thousands of National Guard to protect the border of Arizona was also part of the plan. In March 2010 John McCain flip-flopped again on the border fence stating it was a waste of money because the Democrats initiated this program after the failures of the republican administration’s fence.

Joe Lieberman one of McCain’s campaign cheerleaders is still calling for a chain link fence, and spending many more billions for the 2,000-mile fence to be built in 2011.
It is a political game of who can waste more money on this problem of protecting the border.  Bush and the HS administration even required the Canadian border requiring Canadians to prove identity and carry passports, which cost $ 100.00 each.

The Republicans own policies failed to protect the Arizona border and John McCain has no plans of his own but only to be critical of anything the democrats have proposed.

Arizona will now end up spending millions defending their position on bill 1070, which is a waste of taxpayer’s dollars in an illegal attempt to claim jurisdiction of immigration, which is a federal responsibility.

In the end, it was the Bush administration continuation of mismanaged ideas with no success in protecting the border, which he left for Obama to solve.

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