Apple Copyright Lawsuit with Samsung

Apple Copyright Lawsuit with Samsung

Business Rule Number One- Thou Shall Not Copy applies to companies in Japan and China who are basically sitting back and stealing US technology including the technology giant Apple. For years even decades China and Japan have been stealing, copying, mimicking and breaking patent laws for any product made in North America.

Apple Copyright Lawsuit with Samsung

China and Japan are copying US technology for the simple fact that they do not have the innovative ideas to come up with their own technologically fascinating products, innovation, or modern ideas- so they just steal from Apple.

Apple Copyright Lawsuit with Samsung Apple Copyright Lawsuit with Samsung

A lousy business practice for the world economy but they are getting away with it due to the US government who is too afraid to lay down the Law.

Patent Infringements

Apple Inc.,  has had to file numerous lawsuits against Japan’s Samsung for copying the Apple iPhone into their Smartphones and Tablets.  Samsung fired off a lawsuit back in April 2011 and Apple replied with a Lawsuit in August, 2011 banning the sale of Galaxy Tab and Galaxie Smartphones in some world countries.

Apple Copyright Lawsuit with Samsung will continue to plague Apple sales in the world markets, especially Japan and China who are selling their own versions. The tablet and phones that just do not measure up in terms of the quality Apple is famous for as the leading company in technology and innovation.

Apple Copyright Lawsuit with Samsung Apple iPad and iPhone- The Original US Technology

Apple has requested the Tokyo Court to bar sales of Galaxy S, Galaxy S ll, Galaxie Tab 7 which are identical copied from Apple’s iPad and iPhone models.

Sony also got into the game too late, and failed to produce a good consumer experience, riddled with technical issues and exhibits the lower quality that copies usually produce.

The price points of the copied models from Samsung and Sony are also all wrong, why would you pay as much as an Apple and not get one?

The iPad as well as iPhone market has yet to come close to its peak, rising sales annually bodes well for Apple but not its copier – competition.

 Source: Kyodo News-Sept 8, 2011