Anti-Paladino Rally in Buffalo

OCT. 12, 2010  Anti-Paladino Rallies are planned in Buffalo as Carl Paladino the Tea Party Candidate make rather sharp remarks on homosexuals and gays in society.  His quotes about speedo’s, grinding, gay pride and what God created are bringing national attention to his position on gay marriage and rights. Gay rights groups are angry at the intolerance of Paladino’s remarks and his open disregard for a minority groups rights.

Gubernatorial Candidate Carl Paladino
Gubernatorial Candidate Carl Paladino

Especially noticed are gay pride organizations from Buffalo to New York City who plan to rebuke Paladino by demonstrating outside his campaign headquarters in the Ellicott Square Building on Main Street, Buffalo, New York.

The Pride Center of Western New York plans a peaceful rally to illustrate that the kind of comments and beliefs held by people like Carl Paladino are not tolerated and a response is necessary.

Meanwhile Paladino has backtracked on his comments all over the news TV stations indicating he is not a homophobe, and is for gay rights but not gay marriage.

Well you can’t really have it both ways to say you are for gay rights (that includes marriage) and then say you aren’t a homophobe.

It appears that Carl Paladino doesn’t really know how he feels and flip flopping now that he is branded himself as a homophobe isn’t doing his campaign much good.  He has raised the bar on homophobic rants and as a tea party candidate there is an image emerging that the party consists of various followers of bigotry, hate groups such as Nazi’s and they share a religious agenda of reforming government for a religious cause.

Morality however, cannot be legislated and forced onto the public just as much as a muslim cannot force sharia laws on Americans nor can the religious right.

There have been other Anti-Paladino rallies in the past and most notable is the NAACP who opposed him for racial comments, and sexually explicit material on his computer involving sex with a horse and pornography.

Other views of Carl Paladino is that a women raped by a stranger or a family member who becomes pregnant should be made to carry the child to full term, meaning she does not have the right to an abortion if she wishes to have one. In these extreme cases Paladino is effectively taking women’s rights back to the dark ages.  Paladino is a catholic religious radical who did not happen to mention anything about pedophile priests in the catholic church.

The church has recently sunk to an all time low and has been investigated for secret bank accounts, money laundering and in the past a gay prostitution procurement ring that work side by side to the Pope.  The gay sex ring originates from one of the Pope’s aides who was known to order up sexy boys twice daily in some circumstances from a known gay brothel.

Funny that Paladino did not mention all the sins of his own church but condemns gay pride parades attended by Andrew Cuomo and his family.  Paladino was critical of Cuomo attending a gay pride parade in New York City.

In this case the Carl Paladino’s of the world are slowing dying out of society as dinosaurs do and degrading your opponent for attending a pride parade is  not only shameful but a disgraceful way to make a rather weak argument on gay rights.

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