Ann Romney’s Horse Lawsuit-Over Drugging a Lame Horse to Sell It

As if we don’t know by now, The Romney’s are not like most Americans, they invest in a rich man’s sport called dressage and some morally depraved horse trading.

Specifically, Ann Romney’s horse trading experience, includes a lawsuit against her for selling a drugged up horse to a prospective buyer. The horse’s name is Super Hit and the horse was lame, she sold it to a woman named in the law suit as Catherine Norris.

Ann Romney sold the horse according to court papers, that was lame due to “it’s coffin joint abnormality in the left front leg“.  The veterinarian term is called: exostosis that causes chronic pain and is debilitating to the horse.

Plus, the horse had a secondary lameness injury in the right front leg, enduring physical pain for five years while being trained for dressage under the influence of steroid drugs.  It is possible, the horse had more physical injuries by the training period between 2003 and 2008, which would increase the lameness and abnormalities of the Romney horse, Super Hit.

Mrs. Norris filed a lawsuit against Ann Romney in Ventura County, California after being sold a lame horse. Norris filed against: Jan Eberling, Amy Eberling, Amy Roberts, Ann Romney, Dr. Doug Herthel, DVM, Alamo Pintado Equine Clinic, Inc., and Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center.

According to the expert veterinary testimony of Dr.Stephen Soule VMD who has practiced veterinary medicine for 38 years, and who has examined thousands of competition horses, his testimony included this:

1)The horse was injected with repeated drugs and steroids in the left front joint between 2003 and 2008 for five years.

2) Anyone with any competence would know the horse was suffering from a significant degree of abnormality and that the horse was not physically sound for the five years.

3)The American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) has information regarding the sale of horses and pre-purchase examinations. Professional guidelines include: The six D’s: Discovery, Documentation, Disclosure, Discussion and Decision and Deposition involving the sale of a horse to a buyer.4) On the day of examination for the sale, Super Hit was given three sedative/pain killer medications and one narcotic.

In his 38 years of practice, Dr. Soule had never seen “a horse given so many drugs at the same time”. The buyer was not given this information in the testimony given, but showed up in a toxicology report. The drugs were give to present the horse in a different light, to mask the lameness.

Ann Romney continued to show the horse, and the horse’s scores went down during those years, she could have retired the horse and ensured it was not in pain but then she sold it to Catherine Norris in February of 2008.

The Dressage President Mitt Romney

He also mentions in his testimony, that Ann Romney did not have insurance for the lameness in the left front coffin joint in her Equine Insurance policy. The testimony also includes the fact that strenuously training the horse for dressage showings made the horse’s condition worsen to developing ringbone a debilitating disease. The entire court document can be read Here

The Horse Hobby Dressage, a Romney tax write off

The Romney’s employed a German trainer, Mr. Ebeling who continues to work for the Romney dressage business which is also used as a tax deduction. The case was settled out of court. NY Times