America Not So Great

President Obama thinks America is not so great -not what it once was and is he right?

On the Other Hand the Cheerleader Limbaugh thinks America is great. There is nothing “wrong” with America as far as Rush Limbaugh is concerned. To this radio announcer all is well in America -for one group and that is the rich, the rich banks, the rich corporate interests and the rest of the 95 percent of the population is up the creek in debt, in job loss, and is sick and tired of everything from:

More money and tax breaks to the rich.

More gouging by corporations and chemicals in our food supply that is supposed to be nurturing us.

More stimulus to corporate interest including nuclear power, big oil.

More loss of personal freedoms through the Freedom Act of Bush.

More wars including escalating against Iran.More higher health care bills.

More forced vaccines with toxic ingredients, and drugs while genetically modifying food to be worthless.

More attacks on the Amish Farms and organic health farms-putting farms out of business.

More SCOTUS declarations that corporations are people.

More bull from politicians -who take corporate donations to campaigns.

More imports from China of tainted goods, unsafe products, diseased dog food, Wal-mart Chicken.

Government wants more and more of your money, your rights and you are becoming a pawn in the big game of greed.  Politicians do not care about your life -they just want your vote for one day, forget about years of struggling to make ends meet and your little life.  It does not matter. 

Your government is just not into you and summits are photo ops to make you feel good.  What are you being fed on the media news is distortion, lies and misinformation in between commercials on Viagra.

Even your Supreme Courts are corrupt, when corporate rights equate to the individual rights of human beings, it is is a monster statement of shutting out the people.  In fact your government has just handed corporate interests total control of your country.  You have no rights-they vanished into thin air.

What is good about America? Is that the people have a vote and they must use it wisely. Neither party nor the Tea Party represent the vast majority of voters and are subject to collusion with special interests lobbyists.

What is collusion? ” It is an agreement, usually secretive which occurs between two or more persons to limit open competition – by deceiving, misleading, or defrauding other of their legal rights or to obtain an objective -forbidden by law typically by defrauding or gaining an unfair advantage” See: Wikipedia

The fact is that America is just not into you, its not into the people-and your rights but moreover has been bought out by corporate interests and private donations but mostly by the continuous collusion that is going on behind closed doors.

Obama promised transparency but did he deliver? The C-Span televised meeting on health care was the first time the people had a seat at the table where policies that governs their lives are made.  All meetings including lobbyists visits should be televised -all the secretive meetings should be open to the public not just some selected few.

Art Work by David Dees

Is Your government JUST NOT INTO YOU?


As most Americans are saying “whats so good about America?’  when people count last in the equation and in policies.  The fact that the Freedom Act is still on the books is a glaring example that

“Your country is just not into you”.


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