Amazon Ads 1 Billion in Revenue Compete with Google

Amazon Ads Top 1 Billion in Revenue Compete with Google

In the multimillion dollar advertising search business Google has always maintained the lead, but with recent changes in privacy Google is far less favored amongst the public.

Amazon Ads 1 Billion in Revenue Compete with Google

Recently, Google announced new privacy policies, selling private information to advertisers at a hefty price. But what Google had done to organically produced search results exceeds manipulation and moves into a realm of characterizing users on Google’s search engine.  This puts a label on a user and consumers are getting tired of searching and not finding direct results even for certain websites that they are looking for on the internet.

The search changes also are disturbing which creates a “bubble” effect on a user’s predicted search preferences, putting them in a bubble to receive only what Google “thinks” they want to see.  This has bothered many to move over to other forms of search with Twitter, Bing, Yahoo and now Amazon for products.

For these reasons Amazon is scoring big revenues to the tune of one billion dollars and quickly gaining market share on Google’s hapless manipulated search results.

Amazon has included links to third party advertisers below its product pages and provided another method for users to search the web without the hassles of Google. Google’s advertising revenues exceeds 40 billion per year claiming a monopoly on search engine advertising.  Amazon is now a product destination as well as a search engine for relatively related products and is more honed for accuracy and convenience for their customers.

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