Agent Orange Approved as US Pesticide in Food

Feb. 19, 2011  Americans will be eating Genetically Modified foods with poisonous Agent Orange pesticides which was just approved by the US Department of Agriculture.

As the insidious chemical corporations such as Dow and Monsanto gain greater corporate influence in the Department of Agriculture, people are likewise arming themselves against it.

The recent approvals from the USDA of GMO seed and now Agent Orange in US food crops the anger from the public is growing to the boiling point and they will not back down. Increasing pesticides, chemical additives is making 90% of food sold in grocery stores unhealthy, carcinogenic and is causing major obesity problems in children.

US Congress Infiltrated By Dow and Monsanto Lobbyists

As we all know Monsanto and Dow operatives have infiltrated the US government and under the democrats who are running the Presidency and most of the Senate their approval of this colossal mistake has been under their approval.

Agent Orange was used in the 1960’s to Kill the Vietnamese 

We have to admit the facts, Agent Orange is a deadly, dangerous and diabolical way of poisoning the public. The chemical used to kill the Vietcong and to destroy the jungles of Vietnam as a weapon of war is now allowed in US food production.  In Vietnam, the mere spraying of fields of jungles resulted in birth deformities, deaths and damage to the people of Vietnam.

Now it is in your food America and under the illusion that it will improve food crops or yields is a lie. Last year the GMO corn crops that were advertised to be drought resistant burnt up quicker than organic corn crops.

Improving Your Food with Agent Orange by Dow Chemical

Dow Agroscience a branch of Dow Chemicals, has developed from their original Agent Orange (AO) a new form of GM crops which include: corn, soybeans and cotton that have a major impact of US food consumed by Americans.

In summary, they are poisoning the very foods that Americans eat and export to other countries.

The herbicide is: 2,4-D  which stands for 2,4-Dicolophenoxyacetic Acid.

The idea of Dow and Monsanto corporate scientists is :

To develop a plant that is resistant to herbicides, so that you can bomb the field with herbicides and leave only your GMO plants standing. This requires the destruction of organic plants which is not a sustainable or even a healthy premise.

To destroy all natural agriculture methods for the sake of profits on chemicals is the main reason why there is more sickness, cancer, diabetes and disease amongst Americans. The system of GMO and creating pesticide foods is actually killing Americans especially the children.

Pesticides in your Drinking Water and Food

The idea of using more pesticides which end up in ground water and in drinking water has an accumulative effect. The consumption of GMO foods has already been scientifically proven to cause birth defects, sterility, cancer and is deadly to human health.

People were not built to eat pesticides especially a consistent diet of GMO foods with pesticides plus have an increasing amount in their drinking water. GMO foods are the plague of the 21st century manufactured for profits not for sustainable natural agriculture.

But we have already seen Monsanto fail at GMO crop engineering and the proven facts are that Monsanto seed is a failure at their advertised benefits in improving crop yields and growing bigger more financially rewarding plants, their advertisements are purely false.

Monsanto and Dow Chemical -A Race to Poison American Foods

Monsanto and Dow Chemical are in a race to see who can poison American families faster and they have the full assistance and approvals of their ally Mr. Tom Vilsack a lawyer of Monsanto before he was appointed as head of US Agriculture by President Obama. Surely, the President is not for poisoning American children or is he?

By now he must be feeling the heat of his decisions to appoint ex-Monsanto staff into his administration, or is he? What is wrong with this Democrat President when he allows the poisoning of food that is meant to sustain human life but instead destroys people’s health? If the finger pointing does not lead to the head of this government, then were does the buck stop? It stops at President Obama and his acceptance of the lies by these corporations.

As people become more aware of what eating Agent Orange, GMO pesticide foods really means to their health, they are rejecting these monstrosities in groves.

Monsanto is facing lawsuits around the world as President Obama allows Monsanto to continue poisoning American children and families.  While he allows Agent orange to be introduced to crops he continues to allow these toxic chemicals to be grown that will end up on the dinner table.

The Threats on US Agriculture come from Monsanto and Dow

More pesticides, more agent orange and more GMO products are on the way to your local grocery store, Wal-Mart, national box stores and many more outlets.  This is the future of American agriculture and the whole process will destroy organic, natural growing of food for consumption.

If you Buy Food from National Grocery Stores your Eating GMO Products

If you shop at Wal-Mart, Costco, Sam’s Club and all the national or local grocery stores you are and have been eating GMO foods for a decade.  The onslaught of more chemicals has not stopped as these corporations gain more control of government decisions. Former employees and CEO’s of Monsanto and their lawyers now work for the Supreme Court, Congress, US Dept of Agriculture, the FDA and many other powerful government agencies.

These two major corporate enterprises have stacked the deck, bought political favor and through more campaign donations they wield the power to override your concerns and health when it comes to the very food that is supposed to sustain you.

It all has to stop now.

Worldwide, Monsanto and Dow have been repeatedly charged with criminal acts of bio-piracy, contamination of crops in other countries and bribery of government officials to allow GMO and deadly chemicals in the food of the world.

To Petition Your Government to stop poisoning your food get in touch with:




Dr. Mercola: Hidden Agent Orange in Your Food

Organic Consumers

The Poisoning of American Foods with Agent Orange Approved by the USDA

In this video Dr. Joseph Mercola a well-known health expert and Mark Kastel, co-Founder of The Cornucopia Institute discuss the imposed dangers of Agent Orange in US agriculture.

Foreign countries should take note that US food exports will, may contain Agent Orange and are poisonous to human health.  Russia has already banned certain US meats and produce for dangerous chemicals and the excessive use of chemicals in food.

This increased use of Agent Orange will only make US food exports a failure both at home and abroad as the public rejects their use in food.

The trends of growing your own food, buying from local organic farms is on the increase.

Most of the GMO foods in grocery stores is thrown out and both American families and grocery stores are unloading this garbage food daily, it is thrown into the garbage.


America is now the leader in chemicals in their food supply -from all these selections including fast food outlets, they are consuming more and more chemicals approved by the US government every single day.

To this day five decades later, US soldiers that served in the Vietnam war are still dying from Agent Orange spraying by the US military.

For more information on Agent Orange and how deadly this pesticide is visit:

Veterans Still Dying from Agent Orange Five Decades Later

The Toll of Agent Orange on our Soldiers -Why Agent Orange Must Be Removed from Our Foods

Agent Orange – the toxic defoliant was dumped and buried by the US Military in the 1960’s in Japan as told by US veterans. The department of defense was ordered by the Japan Foreign Minister Mr. Matusmoto to clean up it’s use of the deadly chemical.  The area where Agent Orange was buried was a popular tourist area of Japan, and homes were nearby.  The veteran who remained anonymous said he drove trucks to load the Agent Orange heading to Vietnam from the island of Japan which was used as a holding depot.  Read more about this toxic disaster of Agent Orange here: Japan Times