Affordable Healthcare Sign Up Numbers Beat All Forecasts

Oct. 1, 2013 On the first day of signups the Affordable Healthcare website is now open to the public and has been swarmed with traffic.

Over 17.3 million Americans or 53 million Americans have no healthcare insurance at all either because they are unemployed, between jobs, have existing conditions or have not been qualified to receive insurance. For whatever reason, this plan will cover millions of people who have been left with illnesses that they cannot get medical assistance to heal.

The ACA plan is open now, despite the GOP attempts to shut down the government, defund the ACA plan over 44 times and counting, their constant betrayal of Americans without medical coverage is astonishing.

We’ve been tracking and accessing the site all day, without any difficulty but some in the media like CNN are reporting what they call “glitches”. Unless they don’t understand how websites work on a rollout campaign on day one, usually website servers can crash due to high volume traffic which is totally normal. If you listen to CNN you’d think they were crashing the roll out by attempting to infer that the roll out wasn’t planned very well. Headless chickens. 

Unfortunately, reporters at CNN are not very well informed, including Dr. Sanjay Gupta who should probably stick to medicine instead of internet technology. By their negative comments they meant to deter people from the website with mis-information and pure ignorance.

The public doesn’t have to rush, the can take their time looking over the benefits, comparing rates and deciding for themselves if Affordable Healthcare can improve their health.


Photo: Landing page of the Affordable Healthcare Website

Just hours after opening this morning, President Obama reported that 1 million Americans have visited the website, and by 3 p.m, 2.8 million have visited. Over 81,000 people phoned the toll free number to get more information on Day One of the launch.

The California ACA website is getting 10,000 hits on their website, every second on Pacific time that number should increase drastically.

Colorado, DC, Connecticut all reporting a high number volume of visitors and thousands creating accounts and signing up for affordable healthcare.

Kentucky has had 24,000 visitors with more than 1,000 sign ups for Affordable Healthcare.

Nevada reports that this morning, 770 people created accounts, and many calls.

New York a highly populated city and state, recorded 2 million people hitting the site, and there are 2.6 million who are uninsured.

Rhode Island reports their access to the website is working fine, and people are amazed at the price points, choices of plans and are as Annabelle Leigh put it “ecstatic”.

(See Think Progress) 

Some Dates of Importance: There is no need to rush now, its only day one, but the public have until December 15, 2013 to purchase insurance and coverage starts January 1, 2014.

The new system is dynamic enough to allow millions to obtain a plan that suits them and it is affordable, far more affordable than the past system. The expected range of persons is between 25 to 50 million Americans who have no healthcare coverage or will switch their plans to save more money. Just today on Tuesday, October 1st the first day of opening the website, 3 million people have accessed the website as of 5:00 p.m., EST. The Toll Free Help Number for more information is: 1- (800) 318- 2596 for a live chat.


Some celebrities like Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready supports the Affordable Healthcare plan who himself suffers from an illness made a video about “Life is a Pre-Existing Condition”