Actress Brittany Murphy Dies -Drugs-Diabetes

Brittany Murphy Dead at 32 Years Old-Vicoden?

Actress Brittany Murphy died early Sunday morning of an apparent heart attack at the age of 32 years old and died in Los Angeles pronounced dead at 10:04 a.m.

Apparently according to TMZ the young actress was found by her mother in the shower and not conscious she quickly called 911 emergency at 8: 00 a.m. but the paramedics could not revive Brittany.   A full investigation is expected in this case due to the fact that Brittany was taking prescription drugs and was a diabetic.  There is much speculation in her untimely death and the LA County Coroner’s office has  launched a death investigation. 

There is also the fact that Murphy had diabetes and was taking Vicoden whic is a narcotic that produces a high similar to cocain, marijuana, methamphetemine or heroin.  This is the kind of “legal recreational drug” that is a growning crisis in the United States and is a highly addictive drug.  Vicodin can also lead to a chronic addiction but is a Schedule II drug which is supposed to be very restricted and a controlled substance.   All odds are that she was taking too much Vicodin and died from it and there are several clues.

Firstly Brittany was found to have vomited before she died which is a side effect of Vicoden and also unconsciousness is a side effect of this very powerful drug.   Her husband Simon Monjack was also taken to the hospital a few months ago and almost died of a similar condition but was revived at the hospital. 

To die at such a young age of a heart attack which is just too unnatural there is a suspected theory that she died of a prescription drug overdose but this is unknown until further details are released by the coroner’s office.

This is just another celebrity that had access to dangerous drugs and in Hollywood these actressess and actors can get their hands on any type of drug they wish for a price.  The recent death of Michael Jackson is a reminder of how easy it is to get hooked on prescription drugs that are overly prescribed and easily bought by celebrities.

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