ABC-GMA-CNN All Misinformation on Vaccines

Updated: April 1, 2012 Dr. Andrew Wakefield has taken up legal action against Brian Deer, Fiona Godlee and the British Medical Journal for damages, libel, slander and defamation committed against him by these organizations. See Link Below: Natural News


March 9, 2011 ABC-GMA-CNN Misinformation on Vaccines

On Good Morning America Show called GMA Health

Yesterday we reported the news that 4 Japanese children died after receiving the vaccines made by Pfizer and Sanofi-Aventis drug manufacturers.

Today ABC is complicit in obscuring the truth about vaccinations and continued to misinform the public in a promotional news story where they endorsed the continuation of dangerous vaccines given to American children.

The main stream media networks were quick to silence the truth, obscure the facts, and continue promoting vaccines for their advertising sponsors.  Today in the real media news networks are in the business of profits not reporting factual news.

The twisted news reports we found on ABC Network supposedly news broadcast did more damage to their image as a credible news source. In fact their report was more a commercial for drug makers and their earnings remain solid with the pharmaceutical industry if they continue to promote the snake oil of vaccines. The report was actually laughably distorted, and makes ABC appear to be yet another network selling out the public for their own profits.



Dr. Garcia Pediatrics is a Business for Vaccine Makers-Pimping for Profits
Dr. Garcia Pediatrics is a Business for Vaccine Makers-Pimping for Profits


The Report is as follows:

Back-To-School -Health -Checkup sounds all good and fuzzy using language that makes it sound credible but the networks is used to endorse vaccines.

In this video the so called resident expert is Dr. Estevan Garcia who is the vice chairman or Director of Pediatric Emergency Medicine. What emergency indeed is this organization being used as part of the hype for the drug industry to promote their vaccines.

The types of vaccines Garcia is promoting here are : 3 types of vaccines however all of them contain viruses, whether they are dead (not proven) or alive they still infect the body and still contain the same cancer causing agents.

Minimal Information on Side Effects of Vaccines in Mainstream Media

The side effects Garcia describes are all minimized and he does not speak to the deaths in Japan, the neurological damages, the deaths after vaccines and does not guarantee that the child’s body is not damaged by vaccines.  The drug industry’s catch phrase is that ” no vaccine is safe, no vaccine is guaranteed”  and this is true plus the fact that they are not even tested.

Garcia works in the vaccine industry, he is paid to “sell, promote and minimize the real information of vaccine damage”.  Therefore he is a salesman basically not an expert, not a doctor who is not influenced by money.

Garcia confirms the H1N1 vaccine is now incorporated into the regular flu
shot making them even more dangerous and without testing.

He states “this year the H1N1 is going to be rolled into the flu vaccine”.
This was not publicly stated in September 2010 the start of the flu vaccine campaigns and Americans are not aware of this information.

Garcia states “people just need to understand this is going to be done every year”.

So this means you have no choices, we are going to vaccinate every person on earth- the herd mentality of the industry has not proven to cause reductions in diseases.

TOO much promotional information is given in an interview -judge it for yourself:

Listening to the mis-information on ABC News regarding vaccines these are the points to remember:

These are all mandatory so says the medical industry which has no scientific proof these vaccines are necessary.

0- to 6 months babies receive HEP B vaccine although they do not have it.
0-6 months Rotavirus vaccine
0-6 months Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis vaccine
0-6 months Haemophilus Influenza type B vaccine
0-6 Pneumococcal vaccine

These are all vaccines given from age zero to 6 months old when a baby is not fully grown enough to fight off the vaccine viruses, carcinogens and deadly ingredients in vaccines.

These are given at 6 months to 1 yr old (never before in the past 50 yrs was this allowed)

Inactivated polio
MMR – controversial * implicated in Autism, Bowel Diseases
Varicella- chicken pox is not deadly this vaccine is not proven to work
Influenza ( a flu shot containing the H1N1 vaccine & viruses 3 including pig
Meningococcal -not proven to be a threat to healthy babies
Hepatitis A – again in North America -hepatitis is not common

Of the four Japanese children that died one was 6 months old, the others were under two years of age which is far to young to receive all these vaccines and assume they are safe. There is no proof they are safe.

This doctor says there are no options which means these vaccines are all mandatory for babies. This is totally a baseless policy not even scientifically proven information.

There are no epidemics and the flu is not a disease or epidemic in the terms they are using to promote vaccines which are useless against the flu. There are literally hundreds of flu strains and one vaccine does not protect a person from the flu. Again this is not included in ABC’s report and they must have missed that important fact in their report.

Flu vaccine is not necessary at this age and includes H1N1 vaccine given in 2010 and proven to cause neurological damage. Again ABC News forgot to mention this important fact.

The back talk and spin this doctor is giving is totally misrepresentation and even the admission that H1N1 vaccines are now being sold as the regular flu shot is mislabeled which is against the law.

It is not the same process as Dr. Garcia who says that the regular flu shot is the same as it was because this year it is totally different. He states he is concerned that this year not become another epidemic, but it never was an epidemic except for the media hype.

” Garcia says “No credible science on Autism, ADD or bowel diseases links to vaccines is totally false”.

Dr. Garcia states that the MMR studies were faked and this is not true.  The Dr. Wakefield studies have been replicated which is actually a lie about Dr. Wakefield’s studies which have been replicated in bowel damage.

bowel disease as a doctor himself Wakefield is a specialist in gastrointestinal diseases and he found that vaccines are related.

The ABC Network has joined the other corporate news television networks to discredit the truth about vaccine damages.

The article goes on to say that Pfizer’s Prevenar was used for 10 years prior to the deaths in Japan however they do not inform the public on the manufacturers failure to proven that Prevenar is not causing death.

Read the Fine Print:

Another interview with so called industry experts (paid for by pharmaceutical industry)

The Pfizer Website PDF shows that the vaccines are not proven to be safe!

read more here: Pfizer Indications for Prevnar 13
Important Safety Information for Prevnar 13

You can bet that ABC GMA did not do their homework nor were they completely honest with their report. In fact George Stepahopholus attacked Dr. Wakefield in his studies in a brutal interview that left George with egg on his face and he has lost credibility as a journalist. He also gets paid by pharmaceuticals indirectly through the ad dollars ABC receives from drug companies. George -you lied and you must apologize to Dr. Andrew Wakefield for your silly little claims against him. The interview was an attack interview and was totally appalling to intelligent audiences.

In the past 50 years the diseases were never an epidemic and no proof that the public is in danger of diseases. The Levines are not truthful about polio which was already in decline before the polio vaccines were made. This is entirely false information based on inaccuracies and lies.

The child born in the 1950-s was actually given a polio vaccine mixed with the simian monkey gene (animal based) until the drug companies realized that monkeys carried AID’s viruses.

The polio vaccine was never proven to stop, halt the spread of or keep polio numbers at bay. This is entirely false information again to promote vaccines for profits.

It is surprising (not really) that a network such as ABC could lower their standards and put out such misleading and false reports on vaccines.

More articles on Vaccine Deaths:  Bloomberg Reports

Dr. Wakefield’s Found that The MMR Vaccine causes bowel diseases in children given the MMR vaccines and he is totally right.

His findings have been replicated and proven that Wakefields was entirely correct, had the right data, did not manipulate the data.

Wake Forest Bowel Study verified Dr. Wakefields study click on the link below

British Medical Journal must now know that Wake Forest University replicated Dr. Wakefield’s Studies on Bowel Disease Connections to the MMR vaccine in autistic children. Bowel Diseases that includes colitis-crohn disease which leads to bowel cancers in children. There is no cure for Crohns Disease.

The people involved in vaccine promotions like paid journalist Brian Deer was hired to discredit Dr. Wakefield and provided false information to the US and UK media.

The Pharmaceutical companies that make billions of dollars on damaging vaccines.

The Wake Forest University Study in the US in North Carolina examined 275 children and linked bowel disease in autistic children who were vaccinated with MMR vaccine.  They proved Dr Wakefield’s study and CNN and ABC news are wrongly reporting this valid scientific research is true.

Read more on Forest University Study

Network TV: CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS all made false claims against Dr. Wakefield and should retract their attacks on this doctor. They have all lost considerable credibility in provide facts, truth and the real news on vaccines.

Dr. Wakefield Interview in Natural News Here is the Truth about MMR Vaccines

Updated February 2011

This interview was taped Feb. 1, 2011 on Prison Planet with Alex Jones

Listen to Doctor Wakefields Most Recent Talk with Alex Jones-this is the Real News- not media paid for hype at ABC News-Drug Cartel Television.

Even though the ABC’s Dr. Garcia says that Dr. Wakefield’s studies are false, he lied again. Dr. Wakefield’s study shows that the MMR vaccine directly causes bowel diseases upon injection into a baby.
This vaccine is given at a newborn age again this is a deadly and damaging vaccine.

Read more : from Hell To Veins



In this Video Interview Anderson Cooper jumps on the pharma paid media bandwagon to vilify and attempted to discredit Dr. Andrew Wakefield.

In this case Cooper does a terrible job of trying to discredit Wakefield’s study. Not that Anderson Cooper did his homework, or was his opinion factual and since this interview -Cooper has egg on his face too.

More studies proved that Dr. Wakefield’s study was accurate, real and truthful of the relationship between the MMR vaccines and bowel disorders in children after being vaccinated with MMR.

Anderson Cooper needs to apologize and make a public statement that he attacked Dr. Wakefield, that he did not do the research, that he wrongly promoted vaccines be continued to damage children. Anderson Cooper needs to stop listening to paid journalists like Brian Deer who are getting paid to attack Dr. Wakefield’s study.

Deer completely lied about what he stated was false data, there was nothing falsified in Wakefield’s study. Anderson Cooper like George Stephanopoulous are dolt like robots who spew out misinformation with the deliberate aim to deceive the public relying on corrupted sources and both clearly violated valid journalistic ethics.

It appears CNN and ABC and other networks did not check the facts and have gotten themselves in a real mess, they have violated any ethics they had and have gone along with the fraudulent claims of the British Medical Journal and Brian Deer.

There is no evidence the BMJ and Brian Deer had the accurate information and has no scientific credibility all to hell and so has CNN and ABC News.

The story will be continued until CNN ABC news make a retraction on their previous unethical news reports.  No wonder Al Jazeera is gaining American audiences as they are considered factual, truthful news broadcasters.

This is the latest Interview in February 2011 on Dr. Wakefield and Natural News CEO Mike Adams:

Warning to Stock Investors: Investing in Pfizer stocks is a high risk venture as this company has been charged with fraud, criminal activity and falsifying data.  You may wish to study the reports and settlements of the Pfizer corporation before you invest in their stocks, for down the road Pfizer is on very shaky ground with their pipeline dreams of profits. The same applies to Sanofi-Aventis who make similar products-buyer be ware.

Here is another Fraud Pharma Shill -Bill Gates again repeats lies about Dr. Wakefield-obviously Bill Gates works for the pharma industry and his phony benevolence foundation on vaccinating African babies is all for profit. Again another CNN report that favors vaccines that kill children: Bill Gates the geek who wants to control the world’ population with vaccines-another alarm for investors and billionaires who give their money to the Gates Foundation are actually doing a service for the pharma’s to reduce the world’s population.

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