9/11 Rescuers Dying of Cancer

The Shameful Facts about 9/11 Rescuers dying of Cancer

The 9/11 rescue workers who rushed to the World Trade Center to rescue people including the firefighters, police and volunteers are not covered for cancer from the toxic dust that covered the area.

The dust, when analyzed was found to consist of:

2,500 contaminants
50% was a non-fibrous material
40% was glass particles and other fibers
9.2% was cellulose
.8% was extreme Toxic carcinogen-asbestos
Also found were Lead, mercury, and high levels of Dioxin
PAH was also found
Crystalline Silica
Jet Fuel
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

These substances, each one of them is a known and dangerous carcinogen.

Photo: 9/11 Dust Cloud Covered the city area near Ground Zero with a Toxic and Deadly dust cloud that caused severe and deadly illnesses.

Most of these workers labored for one whole year breathing in a toxic mix of dangerous carcinogens but are not covered by the 9/11 compensation plan. The reason give is that: there is not enough evidence that breathing these toxins cause cancer.

Firefighters who bravely entered the site and pulled out people who were still alive are dying of cancer, so are the police and volunteers, yet the US government forbids health coverage for these heroes of 9/11.  

As a memorial takes place today the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 you would think that people could not be more heartless, but they are including the so called medical experts who are in denial about inhaled toxins.

There were 40,000 workers and volunteers at the World Trade Center, starting on Sept. 11, 2001 and 1,020 have died from health problems associated with their work.  Over 345 firemen, 34 police lost their lives and continue to die.

By the year 2006, many of the recovery workers developed cancer, 75 workers were diagnosed with blood cell cancers. Doctors, epidemiologists and experts have stated that most likely it was inhaling these toxins on a daily basis most often without being given a mask or oxygen equipment.

Dr. Larry Norton of Sloan-Kettering Hospital said: ” Why isn’t the whole nation mobilizing to take care of the chronic health impact of this disaster?” 

Other doctors at Johns Hopkins like Charles Hesdorffer professor of Oncology said ” it cannot be called a coincidence”. Source: Wiki

The American College of Preventive Medicine stated that the mesothelioma will develop in people exposed to the Ground Zero toxic dust.

There are many, many examples of the tests, follow up and a ten year study of each of the 9/11 workers who contracted cancer before the 9/11 disasters and they were all in good health, no signs of cancer.

Yet the persons responsible for the medical insurance for these workers deny the association with the toxic dust and the increased risk of cancer despite the mammoth amount of evidence that proves them wrong.

Days after, on September 12, 2001 a federal government scientist, Dr. Edwin Kilbourne said that it would be a hazard for people to return to the buildings in the area after the explosion because of the toxic materials. (New York Times-Juan Gonzalez -(Clearing the Air with Truth).

The Environmental Protection Agency Christine Todd Whitman told the public that:
“the public is NOT being exposed to excessive levels of asbestos or other harmful substances”.  Whitman was serving under George Bush. Source:  Wiki


9/11 Rescuers dying of Cancer

The area residence near Ground Zero also sued the EPA for deceiving the public against Whitman for lying about the dangerous air quality.

The people responsible for not-paying Ground Zero workers is called the:

9/11 Health Fund called the James Zadroga 9/11 Heat and Compensation Act

This fund was established for the amount of 4.3 billion dollars over five years to treat and compensate workers and those who lived near by from the toxic dust. The whole fund consisted of 12 billion dollars which is yet to be paid out to workers or cancer patients.

The compensation plan only covers: respiratory diseases but not cancer.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health are preventing coverage for cancer by stating there is no evidence to add cancer to the list of illnesses to be covered.

This institute is part of the CDC, Center for Disease Control and Prevention that is closely lobbied by special interest groups. The facts remain that this influence is preventing the link between toxins and cancer and they fear an avalanche of more claims for toxic polluting corporations.

The Director of the NIOSH is Dr. John Howard wants to wait until 2012 to conduct another study, and the men and women are dying today.

This denial of the facts will lead more workers not to enter the professions due to the fact that their state or federal agencies will not cover them if they are truly injured like contracting cancer. It appears there are other motives of Dr. John Howard and the NIOSH at hand.

The fact that 2,500 contaminants were found in the dust from 9/11 is not enough proof that cancer is caused by carcinogens and those exposed will likely die from it.

9/11 Rescuers dying of Cancer

How you can Help:

Call the NIH and complain that these workers deserve the cancer coverage go to:

NIH -Implementing the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act, July 1, 2011

It was designed to provide 12 billion dollars for medical treatment and monitoring.

Or Phone: Center for Disease Control at : 1-800-232-4636 1-800-CDC-INFO

Or Email at: [email protected]

Dr. John Howard was appointed by HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and re-appointed him as World Trade Center Programs Coordinator in 2009. Howard has a history of working with asbestos related claims, occupational lung diseases and environmental medicine.

Dr. John Howard

Photo: Dr. John Howard, The man responsible for the final word on whether 9/11 Rescue Workers will be covered for Cancer exposure due to the 2.500 contaminants in the 9/11 dust.

If the good doctor and Secretary Sebelius are so knowledgeable on lung diseases, pulmonary disease why are they so lacking in cancer studies? Why would a worker who inhaled toxic dust not contract cancer from 2,500 toxins?

Kathleen Sebelius

Apparently HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebilius herself had a carcinoma removed from her head, but she got coverage for Cancer treatments courtesy of the Taxpayers of America- why is she refusing to step in and correct the mistakes of Dr. John Howard’s refusal to cover rescue worker cancer victims?

There is something very wrong here and we suspect it is lobbyists who are controlling the NIH, or corporations that do not want this to be acknowledged. It is well known that COPD a chronic bronchitis and emphysema is caused by toxins in the air and is deadly. Is it possible to ignore the overwhelming evidence that proves the NIH is wrong and yet they are denying dying men and women compensation for cancer?

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John McNamara spent 500 hours in rescue and recovery at 9/11 died of Colon cancer only 8 years later.

Video of John McNamara on CBS News

In less than 10 years and many rescue workers have died of cancer from 9/11 toxic dust, leaving children and families behind without a parent and wage earner.

The CDC should be thinking about the rescue worker victims -not special interest groups.