5,200 Names involving the Pentagon Paid for Child Pornography

5,200 Names involving the Pentagon Paid for Child Pornography 

A stunning report reveals that 5,200 workers at the Pentagon actually purchased child pornography online and visited child porn sites from their government offices!

An investigation dating back to 2006 over 6 years ago has failed to prosecute both contractors and military employees of the Pentagon:

264 employees including Secretary of Defense personnel and contractors of the Pentagon are kiddy porn customers.
These people are buying kiddy porn, child sex videos, pictures and content related to the sexual exploitation of children.
5,200 Names involving the Pentagon Paid for Child Pornography 

5,200 Pentagon Users Visit Child Porn Sites

5,200 Pentagon Users Visit Child Porn Sites

None of these individuals have been charged, jailed or prosecuted under the law and the Department of Justice is a failure in investigating the US government. Another failure of Eric Holder the Secretary of the Attorney General in his continued quest to go after Wikileaks which takes up most of his time.

At the very least the FBI, CIA, DOJ have enough staff to police their own people and it is not due to lack of resources or money.

This is hard to believe but Watch the video as Anderson Cooper reports posted on YouTube January 6, 2011 a year ago.

Remember, there have been no investigations, no jail time, no one fired.

Anderson Cooper Report on CNN

Child Pornography at the Pentagon

The  1700 names on a list of 5,200 have never been investigated from an internet sting operation were traced back to the Pentagon were “overlooked or ignored” by defense officials.

Other investigator reports found that in 2006 an Immigration sting operation called project Flicker determined that found payment records of 5,200 people were traced back to the Department of Defense. Child pornography traced back to the Pentagon and the US military is that not just the most unbelievable report?

Payment records of 5,200 people that had military addresses were tracked by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, known as ICE.

As Cooper reports on CNN who these DOD employees was never revealed and the investigation ended only eight months later without any charges, convictions, even though downloading and purchasing child pornography is illegal.

Out of 264 Employees or contractors including staff for the Secretary of Defense  at the NSA only 20% of those were investigated when the probe was stopped by an unknown official.

Even the Senator from Iowa Sen. Grassley has no answers for why the 1,700 suspects traced back to the Pentagon were never identified, never stopped and never investigated.  Grassley confirms they were never investigated and unknown numbers are still committing criminal acts.

Senator Grassley wants to know “who they are” and what administrative action was taken.

Of the 302 confirmed as DOD personnel or contractors only 70 were actually investigated.

By the investigations by Boston News and Yahoo News that kept pressing this finding the news has pretty much buried this story.

Perhaps supervisors of these employees were advised and chose to keep quiet, or the supervisors themselves were part of the kiddy porn ring. It is the obligation of every civil employee of the US government to report crimes as a matter of their oath and of their employment agreement.


The DOD Statement ” any suggestion that the DOD Office of Inspector General or its criminal investigation arm, the DCIS is not taking Operation Flicker and the issue of child pornography seriously is in error”.  Issued by Gordon S. Heddel, Inspector General.

No word on the investigation and even it was shelved the case remains open to punish those employees and contractors who are violating the law and should be criminally and fully prosecuted.

There are no “exemptions” for the military when it comes to leaking information such as Private Manning is accused of but it wasn’t proven. There should be no exemptions here where active US employees of the US government are engaging in and enjoying criminal pornography involving children and sex acts at their desks.

More Waste at the Pentagon

The Pentagon Explosive: This is a matter of National Security

152 Billion Dollars Worth of Your Tax Money goes UnAudited!!

Pentagon watchdogs who are supposed to monitor the powerful military complex for abuses, criminal activity and fraud are mind boggled by the enormous money being wasted and unaccounted for at the Pentagon.

The Defense Department’s own Inspector General in unable to “adequately” investigate crimes within the Pentagon and how they like drunken sailors are spending taxpayers dollars in a recession.

When Congress passed the 1 Trillion Dollar defense budget in December, 2011 the money is never accounted for but continuously adding to the debt by borrowing this amount for what includes the Pentagon’s expenses of 152 billion dollars.

What are taxpayers getting for their money? Child Kiddy Pornography purchases on the internet.

The crime at the Pentagon is already massive, but when 770 criminal charges, 644 convictions and 3.4 billion has been recovered to-date the unreported crime must be enormous and goes unchecked.

There is no oversight at the Pentagon and taxpayers money is not only being wasted, stolen or squandered but passed on to insiders and their friends.

There are many examples of waste and fraud at the Pentagon:

A 300 Million dollar contract to a 22 year old masseur for bullets that did not fit standard military rifles.  See Pentagon Searches for New Ammo Supplier

Now, you would think that the procurement department of the Pentagon would have researched the company but it didn’t know it was dealing with a massage parlor bidding on a US military contract and that the specifications were all wrong.


Source: Wired: Danger Room