Message to Romney at Liberty University Commencement Speech

Message to Romney at Liberty University Commencement Speech

Mitt Romney the GOP contender for the Presidential Nomination speech was interrupted by a flying message over his head today. In Lynchburg, Virginia, Romney was to give a speech at the grad ceremonies when a plane flew over head with the message:  

GOP = Higher School Debt.

Later Move On dot org took credit for the fly past as the battle on student loans continues in Congress.  The facts are that more student debt is being accumulated now than ever before, and students are graduating with larger debt loads with hardly any job prospects. Move on dot org Director Justin Rubin said:

“More young people are graduating today with debt than with jobs but Romney has been MIA on the issue,” said MoveOn executive director Justin Ruben said in a statement.

“It’s clear that with Romney and the GOP the sky’s the limit with student debt. If Romney really wants to connect with young voters, he’s got to take the silver spoon out of his mouth and start talking solutions.” end quote

Romney still didn’t comment or get the message.

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