Mitt Romney A High School Bully with a Gay Student

New reports of Mitt Romney’s high school days and an incident of an anti-gay stance when he led a group to bully a student because they assumed he was gay.

The article by Jason Horowitz from the Washington Post, doesn’t come as a surprise about Mitt Romney, as a white, son of a wealthy Governor, and a Mormon with strict bias Romney’s secret feelings on gays, Latinos, women is that he is the wealthy superior of the species.

The examples of how Mitt Romney treated other people as a high school student are appalling for a man who wants to be President, Romney has to appeal to “All” Americans not just a select field of white, wealthy voters.

During his years at Cranbrook Schools in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Mitt Romney’s father was both the CEO of American Motors and a Governor. Romney was considered the upper crust of society and as they were called, “kids born with a Silver Spoon in their mouths“.

Some fellow students who encountered Mitt Romney, like Lance Leithauser noticed Mitt was somewhat distant and not many fit into Romney’s social group who didn’t have a wealthy dad, a car and could go to luxury weekend get-a-ways that were afforded to Romney.

Not very many students came from a wealthy elite background as Mitt Romney and having your father as a Governor doesn’t hurt your chances of being favored by school officials.

Another student Lou Vierling said he was questioned by Mitt Romney on his fathers’ job, whether his mother worked and personal questions designed to elicit the social status of people. The most disturbing comes from a story on a fellow student by the name of John Lauber who was considered gay because of his bleached hair styling.

Student Lauber was not only teased but knocked to the ground by a group with Romney as the leader, who cut his hair many times. John Lauber was later expelled and run out of school for smoking a cigarette. Romney first did not recall the incident, then apologized but said he did not mean to “hur anyone”. 

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