Caught on Tape The Murder and Killing of Kelly Thomas by Police

Warning This is an actual video tape of the killing of Kelly Thomas in Fullerton, California and it is very difficult to watch. Kelly Thomas was not a threat to society, he was actually mentally ill but this didn’t matter to the initial officer at the scene.

Manuel Ramos the cop that murdered Kelly Thomas

The public is outraged at this murder, and have staged protests, memorials and celebrated Kelly Thomas’ birthday recently. Kelly Thomas was only 37 years old and homeless. 

Warning this is what police are doing to innocent civilians across the country not only in California which has had more than it’s share of civilian murders and charges of police brutality. Not only is this police brutality it is the worst example of sanctioned murder of Americans even witnessed.

The most belligerent cop in the video taped in full was Manuel Ramos the first police officer taunting Thomas. The second police officer was Jay Cicinelli and both have pleaded “not guilty” in the killing of an innocent homeless man.

You can see and hear Ramos taunting and snapping his rubber gloves as he says: “you see these fists? These fists are about to XXX you up”. Ramos makes the first physical assault upon Kelly Thomas and all through his assault and the time leading up to his death he does not raise one hand against the police officers.

In the video you will see the initial taunts by Ramos that anger’s Thomas but he still remained calm and non-violent. Ramos continues and berates Thomas then kills him to death with a beating stick, taser and a total four police officers joined in at the end.

It is also a shock that people walking by did not step in and stop the violence or question the police, as they ganged up on Thomas who was obviously not a heavy weight uncontrollable man.

The language used by the officer Ramos is evidence enough of a provocation by him at the beginning as he taunts Kelly in a perverse, abusive manner. It was designed to evoke a response.

You can see the two cops almost breaking his arms off, as Kelly says “I’m sorry dude” but they persist kicking him, “puts your hands behind your back” and Kelly says after they both jump on top of him  “I can’t breath” as he is pleading for his life. The weight of both officers would be enough to suffocate the frail body of Kelly as shown in the video he was quite thin.

Second Cop : Jay Cicinelli also beat and murdered Kelly Thomas

This is not an arrest it is a murder, plainly visible by the force used against an innocent civilian. Later two other police officers join into the kill as they tazer Kelly to death, multiple times. 

You can hear the clicking of the tazer gun and the screams of pain from Kelly thomas. At this point this is a four police officer kill. The beatings continue with sticks and is brutally like watching a murder.

All four of the police officers should be charged with murder one, the coroner’s report indicated the cause of death was: mechanical compression, pressure on the body leading to a lack of oxygen and brain death. The video shows four police officers were on “top of Kelly” at all times during the murder. They also used their clubs to blundgeon him, and electrecute him with a taser or several taser guns.   

The lawyers for the police portray their clients are innocent and the medics are guilty of murder, as if that is the cause of death. Manuel Ramos is charged with second-degree murder, Cicinelli is charged with involuntary manslaughter and excessive force. Ramos can face a life in prison sentence, Cicinelli gets off with only a possible four years in jail. 

All four of these officers should be charged with murder one and thrown in jail for life, for this is the type of crime that was never warranted and it is open murder by the Fullerton police department. The video fortunately was shot from a bus depot across the street from the scene of the murder and it should not go unpunished. The parents of Kelly Thomas should seek the death penalty, and sue the pants off of the State of California. For This.

A Homeless, thin man killed in the streets- Kelly Thomas killed by police for no reason

Romney Campaign Fraud in Nevada Primary-Fake Ballots for Ron Paul

A Romney supporter wearing a Ron Paul T-shirt was caught distributing fake ballots at the Nevada Primary, attempting to negate his competition’s voters.

Ron Paul Campaign Worker point s out fake ballots by Romney Camp- the fake ballot is on the right side.

It is a tactic that has haunted the GOP campaign for President from New Hampshire’s cockeyed vote count and now in Nevada. The first primary in Iowa on their count declared Romney the winner, then a few weeks later, declared Rick Santorum as the winner.  As we get to know Mitt Romney and who is funding his campaign now, we know they will stop at nothing to get Romney elected President.

NB: A warning to the Democratic Party, you can expect massive voter fraud, rigged voting machines, tampered election counts, delayed counts, and any illegal tactic the Republicans can find to rob the Democrats of a clear, honest shot at a democratic election. A replay of 2004’s ballot problem in Florida that put the republican Supreme Court in charge of deciding who won.

Ron Paul -Won Iowa, Maine, Nevada, New Hampshire – Romney didn’t really win the other primary states.

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