Monsanto -Nestle Patent Human Breast Milk

May 6, 2012/ Jan. 4, 2013

Human breast milk is produced by the human female body which is a source of important nutrition for future generations, or is it? Not any more.

” Hey that’s my moms milk, that’s my milk — not Monsanto’s!! “


Under the US Patent Office, which has granted patents to natural seeds to Monsanto Corporation, now comes a new patent on human breast milk!! Sounds absurd doesn’t it but then again look at the US Patent Office and check their previous wealth of patents granted to Monsanto, Dow, Nestle and other corporations with deep pockets.

Human Breast Milk is Now under a Nestle Monsanto Patent:

Human breast milk is called colostrum, which has the main function of protecting the babies intestines, nourishment and until it’s own immune system can grow and function properly.

Similar to a bird feeding its own youngsters, the parent bird digests the food then offers it to it’s young by it’s own throat. This is a natural feeding process, that does not require any human involvement other than the mother and her baby.

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A woman produces a host of beneficial ingredients such as proteins and antibodies (immune system protection) that is passed on to the baby. If she chooses the most organic foods then her breast milk will be of higher quality with less chemicals passed on to her child.

Follow the Progress of Un-natural Patents on Nature and Now Humans

If you follow this history of corporations obtaining “patents” on natural seeds that produce organic, natural foods and turning them into corporate owned plants, this is just the beginning of a take over of nature both plants and humans.

This is the beginning of Monsanto’s world domination as: the God of Seeds and Food for mankind which is their goal, total world domination of Food.

The second instance is the FDA’s claim that human stem cells are now classified as “Drugs” under their control. This means the FDA controls what you can and cannot do with your own stem cells and they are illegally doing this to gain control of what you can and cannot do with your own stem cells.

Human breast milk also contains human made:

Fat- human milk fat-( the beneficial kind)
Oleic Acid which forms Hamlet that kills tumor cells
Hamlet is Human Alfa-Lactalbumin made Lethal to Tumor Cells
Vaccenic acid
Conjugated linoleum acid (CLA’s)

Breast feeding babies with oleic acid actually prevents the babies from getting cancer. It is an anti-cancer substance that belongs to the human mother to pass on to her child.  Human Breast Milk actually programs cancer cells to die. The genetic material in human milk cannot be patented for corporate profits no matter what the claims of these companies may be to support their numerous patents.

Currently, there are 2,000 patents on human milk components.

Women own their breasts and they own the milk they produce not the US government. Human beings own their stem cells, the fluids they produce and to grant a corporation any patents that involve human milk is just plain insanity. It would amount to a corporation owning sperm from men.

The fact that these ingredients are made by the human body, for another human body any inference that they can be “owned” is total or in part by a corporate entity is totally outrageous.

This patent would render women in to a form of ownership by a corporation sanctioned by the US government through it’s patent office. Corporations are claiming ownership of human bodies!
! If the public is not aware of what the implications are for our own health, our freedom, our children’s health, future generations and ownership of our own genes they will not stand for it.

To patent a human product into a corporate “owned” patent on that product is ludicrous and should never be granted. Some scientists can’t wait to claim they own soil, air, water and whatever is left, but count human milk as not belonging to human life any longer. it is corporate owned.

Human anti-bodies man or women made will belong to a corporation and your stem cells will belong to the Food and Drug Administration. What is in the future of human breast milk, will they manufacture a breast milk with vaccines and force all mothers to use it, combined with cows bovine milk?

Will governments control all parts of the human body, will we let them is the question as science becomes the fictional creation of artificial life in a bottle. Where will it end, and why isn’t the “cure” of diseases like cancer ever cured.

It appears corporations and science is looking for profitable ventures involving using human DNA to turn a profit any possible way claiming ownership using human life.

The truth of what is happening to our food supply and what we know already, for Nestle to convert one person’s human milk to give to another baby isn’t exactly ethical or safe.

The patent is: Number 8012509

Mother: You are Now Patented.

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Nestle Loves Breast Milk

U.S. Patent Office

We searched for patent number 8012509 with no results shown.

Patents Found are Called:

Milk Fractions and Milk Preparations for Treating and/or Preventing COX-2 Mediated Diseases

Filed: Sept 13, 2004 issued Date Sept 6, 2011


Patent No: US 8,012,509 B 2
Date of Patent: Sept. 6, 2011

One of the four pages refers to Buffalo milk. Now we know how scientists like to mix animal hormones and produce a drug for human consumption that has had disastrous effects such as the HRT Prempro drugs.(made from horses’ urine). Those drugs used urine from horses to produce a Hormone Replacement Pill for menopausal women. The science was deadly and killed many thousands of women, induced breast cancer and caused heart attacks and blood clots.

Perhaps Monsanto and Nestle will come out with an “Industrial Pink Slime Milk” in the name of helping impoverished countries and snake oil salesman Bill Gates will do the promo con job on the world.

In Figure 1 – The Skim Milk Refers to Human Mothers Milk that has been skimmed.

Figure 2: Buffalo Milk, giving new born babies -Animal milk instead of mothers milk?

Look at the History of Monsanto and Milk

Failed F-22 Raptor A Danger and Big Expensive Mistake for Taxpayers

The US Air Force has invested in the F-22 Raptor, the fastest, biggest jet they could buy and wasted almost 79 billion dollars on a jet that wasn’t necessary.

The F-22 Raptor jet is made by the Locheed Martin and Boeing and the US Air Force bought 187 of them by 2009 figures the whole F-22 program costs taxpayers 79 billion dollars for a faulty product.

These are the F-22 Lockheed Boeing jets that makes pilots unconcious and dangerously uncoordinated by lack of oxygen. Of the trained pilots many are refusing to fly the aircraft, after coughing up black residue which was found in new filters that were installed in the craft.

Pilots coughed up black material and it was found that they were breathing in charcoal from the filters into their lungs. But that didn’t explain the lack of oxygen problem. 

The Air Force has repramanded pilots for not flying on a CBS 60 Minutes interview with Leslie Staull and even asked them to get another job or grounding them. Even a doctors letter didn’t help one pilot who was threatened to be expelled out of the Air Force.

“If you speak up about safety, you’ll be out of the organization” said one US pilot 

On March 30, 2012 A Press Release on the U.S. Air Force’s website indicated the following: 

The Air Force after seven months of research could not duplicate the problem and General Norton Schwartz head of the Air Force, couldn’t find the problem and sent the aircraft back up in the air.  

May 3, 2012 F-22 Have No Purpose

After the final delivery of the final F-22 fighter jet by Lockheed Martin, Sen. John McCain said the 79 Billion dollar jets serve no purpose. The Air Force ordered them for the “future of American air dominance”.  (ABC)

“There is no purpose, no mission in Afghanistan or Iraq, unless you believe that al Qaeda is going to have a fleet of aircraft,” McCain (R-Ariz.), a former combat pilot himself, told ABC News chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross.

At 420 million dollars a pop, that is an expensive supposition to order aircraft that “could, would” be used in the future but has never been used yet. At a time when more Americans have no jobs, this Congress passed a 1 Trillion dollar budget for 2012 for military expenses. The F-22 has never flown in a combat mission because they can’t get the craft off the ground because it is knocking pilots out of consciousness and making them very sick.

Since last year, 2011, the F-22 had been grounded due to the lack of oxygen problem, which is deadly to pilots. Then they were put back up in the air and pilots have to take a chance on their lives and fly them. Many cannot speak out in public but know they are endangering their lives.

After the death of US Air Force Captain Jeff Haney who was killed November 16, 2010 it was suspected that Haney’s oxygen was cut off before his crashing the plane. Haney’s family said it was easier to blame the pilot rather than demand Lockheed retool the entire fleet to make the F-22 safe to fly. The US Air Force refuses to acknowledge that Haney could have lost oxygen and their investigation is suspiciously in favor of blaming the pilot rather than a complete investigation of the aircraft.

Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger states Pilots Should be able to Voice Safety Concerns without fear of Reprisals.

Captain Josh Wilson Tells of His Experience After Flying the F-22 -May 6, 2012

Major Jeremy Gordon Said He had Dizziness, Lack of Oxygen, could not Exercise after the F-22 Flight

There is plenty of evidence that the Air Force will not admit the dangers of flying this aircraft that was purchased with no real necessity and is a waste of taxpayers dollars.

France’s New President Francois Hollande

France’s New President Francois Hollande  A new era in French politics with a win for Francois Hollande who heads the Socialist party, while Sarkozy’s a conservative was removed from office.

The win just announce one hour ago will see France’s new government initiate policies to create jobs and a promise to remove all troops from Afghanistan. The shake up has been coming for a longtime and there is much celebration in Paris today.

Francois Hollande -Elected The New President of France May 6, 2012

(Photo EPA)

The vote with 80% of the total votes counted remained at: 51.13% for Francoise Hollande, and 48.87% for Nicolas Sarkozy.

Sarkozy conceding defeat said this “On behalf of the government, I congratulate the new president and wish him a successful term in office for the good of France”. The vote was the second round of votes and was the deciding vote that confirmed Hollande as the winner.

Obviously, France rejected the Sarkozy austerity measures, his refusal to tax the rich, and corporations and his reluctance to remove troops from Afghanistan. Sarkozy represented the party of the rich, and as critics from the US will say this means a bailout for France, they are dead wrong.

The deficit in France, is similar to any of the G-8 what is breaking their revenues is: war in the Middle East, the lack of taxes of corporate profits and the wealthy who pay very little tax. Italy has similar measures in taxing the Catholic Church, taxing the wealthy and stimulating job growth while paying down their debt.

Curated News  

France’s Elections Far Right Party Marine Le Pen explains why France is in such bad shape, taped last year in August 2011.

Romney Denies Lobbyists in His Campaign

Mitt Romney is now denying he has any involvement or has a campaign operative who is also a lobbyist working for major clients and for Romney’s election campaign.

An Associate Press Glenn Robinson reporter shot back at Mitt Romney in this discussion about Mitt Romney’s claims that he doesn’t have lobbyists running his campaign.

Romney Denies Lobbyists in His Campaign

In this exchange Glenn Robinson (the AP reporter) caught Mitt Romney in a lie about who’s involved in his political campaign.  

We all know that sources tapped in any campaign are indeed lobbyists and the reference was made about Ron Kaufman who is a registered lobbyist.  After Romney made the claim “I don’t have lobbyists running my campaign” Robinson shot back: “That’s not true governor, that is not true. Ron Kaufman is a lobbyist.” and he’s right.

“He’s not running my campaign” Romney explains over and over again, losing his cool with a reporter and denying that Hoffman is involved in any way in Romney’s campaign. “He’s not running my campaign, he’s not running my campaign, he’s not running my campaign” as if repeating the lie makes it more true.

Romney Denies Lobbyists in His Campaign

 Later the Glenn Robinson gets admonished by campaign personnel Eric Fehrnstrom who said “don’t get in an argument with the candidate”. Fehrnstrom said “save your opinions” and “act professionally” as if the truth is now a reporter’s opinion?  

Ron Kaufman is a registered Lobbyist for Dutko Worldwide and that is not an Opinion.  Kaufman’s clients include big corporations such as: Sprint Nextel, United Health Care, Union Pacific and Fedex.

More bold faced lies from Mitt Romney’s mouth. If he can lie to your face in front of cameras, what is he doing to his tax returns that he won’t release for six months?

If the media cannot “ask” certain questions of a candidate amidst his denials, then we have no media of any worth. If reporters accept the first answer, even though it is thought to be a lie, then the reporter is not doing their job.

Although technically Mitt Romney indicates Beth Myers is running his campaign, she is so far referred to as an “Aide” not a campaign manager. See Washington Post

Myers is a long time friend, and some of her duties is to vet a Vice-President for Romney, and she prepped him for the primary debates.

I’ve asked her to be the person who oversees the process of the vice presidential selection and vetting an analysis and so she’s begun that process and is putting together the kinds of things you need to do to vet potential candidates,” Romney said to Diane Sawyer at Boston’s Fenway Park April 16th, 2012

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Salon: Jan. 24, 2012 Romney Aide Lobbied for High Speed Rail

Ron Kaufman is one of the lobbyists who advise Mitt Romney who is attacking Newt Gingrich for his lobbying past.

Americans view lobbyists as lower than scum, lower than used car salesmen and lower than worms that eat away at democracy. Not surprised Mitt Romney is using same to full advantage.

Kaufman represents some big gun special interest corporate powers and for being beholding to Kaufman’s clients, he’ll turn tricks for Romney.

Romney’s Tangled Web of Investments

Mitt Romney the likely GOP Presidential candidate in November, has a seemingly closet full of skeletons, in the form of his past investments.

Romney is Wall Street’s Choice For President

It is no surprise that Mitt Romney, is Wall Street’s choice for President, the bankers that would love the repeal of any regulator laws passed since their last ponzi scheme. It is not a stretch of the imagination, that Romney is also implicated in a Ponzi scheme worth 8 billion dollars with Spencer Zwick his campaign manager. 

The Tagg and Mitt Romney – 8 Billion Dollar Ponzi Scheme

The latest bombshell is Romney fronted the money for his sons’ investments with the principals of an 8 billion dollar ponzie scheme with the Stanford Group, Solamere, Solarmere Capital,  Spenzer Zwick, and the former brokers of Stanford Group Tim Braubauer, Deems May and Brandon Phillips.

After news of the Ponzi scheme precipitated the collapse of Stanford in 2009, Tagg partnered with several of Stanford’s North Carolina executives to start a firm called Solamere Advisors. At least three prominent brokers who had worked for Stanford — Tim Bambauer, Deems May, and Brandon Phillips — joined Tagg to help run Solamere Advisors, a wealth management business located in Charlotte, North Carolina. “We are excited to be associated with such a highly capable group of financial advisors with a proven track record of meeting the needs of their clients throughout the Southeast,” said Tagg in a press release announcing Solamere Advisors, which borrows its the name from its parent company, Solamere Capital.”  Prison Planet- Forum

In Texas over 1,200 of the investors were left with nothing, they lost their entire life’s savings. Mitt Romney gave Solamere Capital 10 million dollars as startup capital to initiate the business, and received 10 million plus 100,000 back reported on his tax returns.  This disclosure did not come from the Romney camp, and it explains why he is not releasing his tax returns for another six months, which is just before the November 6th, 2012 election.

This gives Romney exactly six months to release his tax returns on or before Election Day. Tagg Romney said in an interview with ThinkProgress that he was proud of his investments (with dad) of Solamere and said
“We own a piece of them” sounded quite like a predatory comment his father would make.

“We Don’t Control them, we Just Own Them” said Tagg. The ponzi scheme perpetrated by Alan Stanford, of Stanford Bank was nothing short of a carbon copy of Bernie Madoff who kept investors on the hook, alive and kept the money rolling in, paying out some with dividends but then the house of cards collapses and everyone loses to the ponzi CEO’s. In this case the Romney clan and Romney’s campaign manager.

Romney’s Omissions In OGE Filings:

A group called Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington also want the Justice Department to investigate 23 missing investments in his OGE filings. (Office of Government Ethics). If Romney made any mistakes in his filings, it is a criminal offense to file inaccurate statements just like it is for the average Joe, Romney could face an ethical question, does he lie or tell the truth, it’s hard to say.

Romney’s Delay in Releasing Tax Returns

In addition, Mitt Romney still refuses to publish his last 12 years of tax returns as did his father before his presidential campaign. Romney stated in January he would release his returns after his April filing for 2011, but then “postponed” the release, for unknown reasons. Certainly, Romney can afford top notch accountants who can speed the calculations along.

Offshore Tax Havens and Bank Accounts

In January, ABC News reported that Romney has gone to “great lengths” to hide his money, his tax loopholes in the Cayman Islands. Some of those investments include: Bain Capital Fund VII-E, Bain Capital Fund VIII, Bain Capital VIII CoInvestment Fund, Bain Capital Fund IX, Bain Capital Fund IX CoInvestment Fund, Bain Capital Fund X, Bain Capital Asia Fund and Bain Capital Europe Fund all officially registered in the Caymans. The investments only amount to 30 million dollars however, small change for Romney who is said to be worth 300 million but it’s probably more.

Bain Capital has registered up to 138 secret accounts in the Caymans that are linked to Post office box numbers. This is how the very, very rich hide their profits, investments and incomes – all tax free in the Caymans.

The American taxpayers are paying Mitt Romney’s share of taxes and if Romney has an opportunity to “avoid” paying taxes.

ABC News Brian Ross visited the Cayman Islands- Romney’s Income Tax Haven:

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Political Wire – Taegan Goddard
Romney’s Offshore Investments Did Avoid Taxes

Tax experts say Romney avoided paying 35% on his investments by moving his bank, income to the Cayman Islands. Romney claims he pays only 15%, some say it is closer to only 11 percent.