Why Obama isn’t Smiling

Why Obama isn’t Smiling

On his May Day surprise visit to Afghanistan under the cover of darkness, a US President addressed his nation from a foreign country, that has cost Americans their future.

Usually, Pres. Barack Obama has a wide, toothy grin from ear to ear and exudes a joyful smile. But not here in this photo with the famed dramatic, erratic Hamid Karzai who months ago wanted the USA out of his country.

Afghanistan has been a sad tale of Russian retreating after nine long years and the US entering a rocky, mountainous, arid land of nothingness but opium fields, a staple industry of the country.

The past 11 years have been rocky to say the least, Bush pulls troops out, Obama puts them back in and sends in another 33,000 troops, when all along Osama Bin Laden was hiding in Pakistan and the whole world knew it.

In his address, Pres. Obama signed a deal, without Congressional approval without the approval of the American people, to maintain a US presence in Afghanistan for the next 12 years.

In this photo shortly after the signing of the documents, which to-date have proven to be a vague and “open ended” involvement in Afghanistan, a picture that speaks a thousand words, the President doesn’t look terribly thrilled about what he just did.

To the 70% of Americans that want the war in Afghanistan ended, it was a depressing realization that the US will permanently be at war, and by 2024 will have spent 23 years in Afghanistan.

To anyone born in the year 2001, it will be their whole childhood, teen years and maturation into an adult, who knows nothing but war. An adult that would never have been able to experience their country at peace with the world.

A sadness that reflects on the face of President Obama, a disastrous strain on the economy, on the prospect of jobs and the dreaded future of our soldiers.

Maybe Obama isn’t smiling because he committed a grave, senseless error in judgment that created a noticeable silence from the Republicans in Congress for a change. The same republicans that opposed “any” decisions made by Obama have not uttered one word against a 12 year commitment in Afghanistan. Not one word. In fact, the war mongering John McCain and others actually applauded the President on his mysterious, secret decision that was announced, after the fact.

It is almost eerie that both parties now are all for the military invasion of any country for their benefactors the industrial military machine.

Who is Obama serving?

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