US May Day Protests- Police Carry M4 Assault Rifles

The May 1st May Day Protests that took place across America was initiated as a peaceful protest against the Wall Street collapse of the economy. In this video what was captured represents the fear in American police and security officers of what amounts to:

“Unarmed Citizens with No Weapons!!”

An M4 Assault Rifle: is heavily used by the military namely the army and can fire 700- to 950 rounds per minute. The M4 is a carbine version of the M16 rifle, and is a shoulder fired military machine guny weapon used on the front lines in a war.

The fear is so great that a group of officers present for the rally all carried M4 Assault Rifles in Oakland, California standing firmly in front of City Hall.


The Alameda Country Sheriff’s Office felt it necessary to bring a gun to a knife fight, over armed and overly afraid of what citizens -that is – the people -who paid their salaries would do.

Video by Ripper Hollow

2012 Five in One Vaccines and Seizures

2012 Five in One Vaccines and Seizures

In a new report and a Journal of American Medical Association, an investigation into a combo vaccine which incorporates five vaccines given at once to children reports the risks are: Unknown.

The JAMA report studied the Diptheria, Tetanus, Acellular pertussis, Inactivated Polio Virus and Haemophilus Influenzae Type B is all combined into one shot, given to babies 3, 5 and 12 months old. The report from JAMA studied 378,834 children in Denmark born January 1, 2003 and December 31, 2008 a five year study group. 

The Results: Of the 378,834 babies, 7,811 children developed seizures, or roughly 2 percent of the babies injected to be exact: Febrile Seizures.

Febrile Seizures are basically convulsions, a baby will lose consciousness, shake, and their temperature will rise above 102 Degrees F. These seizures although they are like Epilepsy are not considered to have epilepsy, however no studies have analyzed the long-term factors of these seizures.

These are considered “harmless” by our medical authorities at the NIH-National Institute of Health, but they are hardly harmless when it is a parent that deals with the consequences and cost of hospital care, or long term costs.

To the baby, it is a rough way to come into this world being injected by known vaccines that cause seizures and other abnormal reactions to untested vaccines. As if, parents must accept seizures as a consequence of preventive care which many do not.

The DTaP – IPV – HiB vaccine did it’s damage fairly quickly and broken down into three categories for when the seizures occurred:

0 to 0 Day 1: A higher risk of seizures was found to occur the same day as the vaccine was given to the baby.

Others had reactions within the 1-3 Days time period and the third group developed seizures within 3-7 Days of the vaccine.

The report indicates that the seizures occurred the day after the first vaccine was administered. 

More Information for Parents at: National Vaccine Information Center

Quote: “The result seems to confirm the JAMA report. The five biggest spikes are for Diphtheria, Haemophilus, Pertussis, Polio, and Tetanus in children under 3 years of age. No other age group gets seizures with as high a frequency.”

Vaccines Given in 5 In One Shot-Causes Seizures in Babies

Curated News: 

National Vaccine Information Center: Getting Multiple Vaccines At One Time

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