23 Years in Afghanistan -US Drains It’s Economy

23 Years in Afghanistan -US Drains It’s Economy

A surprise May Day Announcement live from Kabul, Afghanistan a country steeped in the illegal opium drug trade, a country George W. Bush invaded on October 7, 2001 was the scene for President Obama’s announcement.

Obama had to make an unannounced visit today for his own security and he arrived to sign an agreement assuring another 12 years of  the US military presence in Afghanistan until the year 2024.That indicates the amount of security and progress made after 11 years of US occupancy, will another 12 years make a difference?

The entire facade that the US is winning the war in Afghanistan is a farce, when a series of attacks in recent weeks proves the country is yet unstable and likely to remain divided amongst tribal rivalry.

Many Americans will be dead by then of the incessant poverty that has spread over America, some will die after knowing this country has been at war for 23 years of their lives. The US has and will be in Afghanistan for 23 years at the end of Obama’s agreement and at a cost in today’s dollar value of 2 Billion dollars per week! 

For the next 12 years at that rate the United States will have spent 1.248 Trillion dollars protecting a corrupted country that will never have peace, never stop harboring terrorist and will never be any better than it is today from that investment.

President Obama has captured Osama Bin Laden but he was not in Afghanistan, he was found and killed in Pakistan. Essentially, Obama has continued with the supremely colossal military mistakes of his predecessor George W. Bush and has had no spine in confronting the facts of life, we simply do not have “The Money”. Obama is compounding the errors of Bush and the mission was wrong from the beginning on October 7, 2001.

Not only did Obama sympathize with Bush’s invasion he augmented the numbers by ordering an additional 33,000 troops in 2009 into Afghanistan. Obama also kept Canada, the UK involved and other countries to chip into the effort, causing deficits in both countries.

The US Dragged Other Countries into Major Deficits for Afghanistan

Canada and the UK both are facing crushing deficits which in turn are causing drastic cuts to social pensions, healthcare and the loss of jobs for their efforts in Afghanistan. Both countries are facing increasing opposition to Afghanistan involvement and their losses are into the billions of dollars. For every dollar plus the interest charges,  that does make it’s way to Afghanistan, it is one dollar less going to student loans, infrastructure, jobs, green energy, education, pensions and to the domestic economy.

For a Democrat who ran on ending he war, ending the deficit, ending corporate influence -President Obama has failed on all accounts and continues to enrich the military industrial complex with riches beyond compare, another gold mine in 12 more years of military occupation of Afghanistan.

Who Gets Rich off of War

The military corporations, the military industrial complex, companies that make bombs, tanks, bullets, guns, drones and all the hardware, uniforms all say Thank You Very Much to Barack Obama for giving us another 12 years of guaranteed profits by their best buyer: The US Government.

Why he would increase the length of the war, without permission without consultation with the American public, whom he is supposedly serving, this comes as a slap in the face to most Democrats. Coupled with the expense of Iraq, the Return on Investment is the same: Nothing.

Americans Want the War Ended Now

A recent poll shows 75% or more of the American public want the wars to end, they want their money to be invested in American poverty, education, infrastructure and the economy to produce jobs. These results show both Republicans and Democrats and Independents want the wars ended period. The negativity of wars include the returning wounded which also drains the economy plus the shedding of US blood, in an ungrateful, hostile country that the Russians left several decades ago.

From the NY Times: “Among Democrats, 68 percent said the war was going somewhat or very badly, compared with 38 percent in November. But the poll found that Republicans were more likely to want to stay in Afghanistan for as long as it would take to stabilize the situation: 3 in 10 said the United States should stay, compared with 2 in 10 independents and 1 in 10 Democrats. ”

The war mongers in the Republican party namely Sen. John McCain and Peter King both applauded President Obama for his agreement to add another 12 years of profiteering for their campaign donors. One can only assume Barack Obama the said President that acts without public approval, did the same damn thing. Tonight the MIC will be partying more than the Government Services did in Vegas, they will party like it’s 2024!!

For this he will pay at the polls -for turning his back on Americans, by inducing enormous deficits, by borrowing and financing a war on a credit card where the banker China, is only too happy to see the misbegotten path this President is taking this country.

The announcement came as a shock to most Americans, when the cost is so very high, to the tune of 2 billion dollars per week that is costing American taxpayers. 

Do the Math:

At 2 billion per week, for 52 weeks per year, for 12 years = 1.248 Trillion dollars going to a foreign country who’s main export is illegal drugs.

1.2 Trillion Dollars Would Wipe Out the Entire US Student Debt

The same 1.2 Trillion that would wipe out the entire student debt of American students at home. Where are the priorities here? Where on earth does Obama get off draining the economy, refusing to end the financial benefits to the military industrial complex? Where did he get anyone’s permission?

The country is already in 15 trillion dollars of debt from which it will never recover and another financial global crisis is eminently predicted by the looks of the EU which is unable to stabilize Europe. Until another 12 years more American soldiers will be deployed killed, and lives will be destroyed for what?

The military has been on their 4th, 5th and 6th tours and is exhausted both morally and spiritually and when they come home, they will need enormous expensive health care.

Once again, Osama Bin Laden wins – he’s decimated the US economy for another 12 years. Enjoy it folks, Romney would have done the same.

23 Years in Afghanistan -US Drains It's Economy Barack Obama turned out to be the Republican he Always Was

Romney & Son Investigated for 8 Billion Ponzi Scheme

Original Post: May 1, 2012

Updated: Sept 3, 2012

A federal court judge struck down an SEC lawsuit in the R. Allen Stanford 7.2 billion dollar ponzi scheme. The Securities and Exchange Commission tried to sue the Securities Investor Protection Corp., to secure compensation for investors who lost their money. (See: Business Insider link below) 

US. District Court Judge Robert Wilkins ruled that the SEC failed to prove that investors were victims, under the definition of the law, but that the court is sympathetic.   Prosecutors said Stanford used the money for a lavish lifestyle including yachts, a fleet of private jets and sponsoring cricket tournaments. 

Although, Allen Stanford received a 110 year jail sentence in the scheme the money was never recovered that thousands of investors lost around the world.  As happened with the Wall Street trillions that were lost, no one has ever found out where the money really went, and in this case 7 to 9 billion dollars just plainly disappeared into thin air. Certainly, Stanford did not spend all of 7 billion dollars during his tenure at the bank. The first place to look is in the Caribbean, namely the island of Antigua where Stanford had his bank and other islands just to give investigators a hint, the money can still be recovered if they started looking for it.

Mitt Romney and his son Tagg Romney have been implicated in a 8.5 billion dollar ponzi scheme with Wall Street investors Allen Stanford and James M. Davis.

The pair are not cleared including their three partners in a court document verified, ongoing legal proceeding involving selling fraudulent CD’s to potential investors.

The statement of fact, includes SIBL, Stanford International Bank, SGC Stanford Capital Management and the associates R. Allen Stanford, ( Allen Stanford) and James M. Davis stole money from investors through fraud. The group bilked investors by diverting funds to their own lifestyles through bonus money, salaries and compensation packages.

The Stanford Financial Group now in receivership headed by Allen Stanford sold investments  described as a “well-diversified portfolio”. Instead Stanford diverted the money to finance his own lavish lifestyle which include: jet planes, yacht, pleasure crafts, luxury cars, homes, travel on a company credit card.

Tagg Romney seed money from Ann Romney’s Private Trust

Tagg Romney

Allen Stanford, James M. Davis and Laura Pendergest-Holt  through SIBL (the bank) Stanford International Bank) hid the fraud by continuing to buy CD’s (Certificate of Deposit) and fabricated the performance of their investments. (More court documents: HERE) More information on the legal procedures: HERE 

A court date was set for January 23, 2012 but according to various reports Allen Stanford is incompetent to stand trial and he was found guilty sentenced to 110 years in prison for bilking investors in a his ponzi scheme.

Mitt Romney and Son Tagg in 2008 invested in Allen Stanford’s ponzi scheme to the tune of 10 million dollars initially in Solamere Capital a seed investment and received 1 million in returns. The seed money was said to come from Ann Romney’s personal family trust account that is supposedly a Blind Trust.

Tagg Romney joined in to help Solamere Capital company started after the ponzi scheme was discovered and is located in Charlotte, North Carolina with three other prominent brokers.

Tagg Romney is quoted as saying he was proud of his investment with Solamere now run by former executives of Stanford, ” They’re friends of ours, they used the Solamere name, we own a piece of them”. “We helped them get started”

Despite claims by Tagg and Mitt Romney the investigation is still “ongoing” and the profits from Stanford and Solemere were unreported by Tagg Romney. He also did possess a minority stake in the business with Spencer Zwick and Eric Scheuermann.

Spencer Zwich is Mitt Romney’s Chief Fundraiser. Investors in Stanford have not recovered their money, and the assets are still in receivership and frozen until the case is resolved. A total of 8.5 billion dollars is still unaccounted for and the billion dollar Ponzi scheme lays at Mitt Romney’s feet for his and his son’s investment partners who were all involved.

Curated News

ABC News Politics – Romney Camp Dismissive of Ponzi Accusation

“But according to Think Progress, Tagg Romney’s account isn’t entirely accurate: “According to documents reviewed by ThinkProgess using the Pacer search engine, charges against Tim Bambauer, Deems May, and Brandon Phillips have not been dropped. A recent court filing shows May requesting the court for arbitration instead of going to trial.

ThinkProgress also spoke to the deputy clerk for the federal District Court in Dallas, and confirmed that the three men are still defendants in the lawsuit to recover the Ponzi scheme money.”

Huffington Post - Tagg Romney Partnered Family Investment Group with Employees Behind Alleged Ponzi Scheme

Crooks and Liars - Mitt Romney Entwined with Players in Stanford Ponzi Scheme

Business Insider:  Sorry: Investors in Allen Stanford Ponzi Scheme May Get Zero Reimbursement

Tagg Romney now invested in Solamere Capital which owns HART Intercivic company that owns the voting machines used in Ohio a key state for the election win, in particular Cincinnati Ohio which could guarantee Mitt Romney the Election.