May 1- USA Occupy- National Day of Action

May 1- USA Occupy- National Day of Action

A national day of Action called May Day is set to occur in the United States in a major coalition with many organizations calling for A Day without the 99% in effect is a day without the People that drive this economy.

The action calls for a day of strike by the 99% who comprise the engine of the US economy and a day without work, no schools, no shopping, no housework and no compliance.

The Action Day is one of peaceful protests throughout  every major US city in the country, and police are preparing for city wide shutdowns.

The activity will include blocking banks, creative disruption to traffic, blocking bridges, tunnels and commuting will probably be delayed.

The strike calls for direct action including possible civil disobedience against the 1 %, Wall Street and the governments passage of laws that violate: Freedom, Internet use and the same operators that caused the 2008 Financial Global meltdown that have escaped the law. In essence, it is a Day of Strike.

It could be a day of massive economic losses to Wall Street, and the intentional activities are designed to bring down the stock market.

It is a day where capitalism, the Wall Street banks that still operate business as usual, will be the main focus.

Major Wall Street banks have already heightened security for their employees, and possibly many will not show up for work tomorrow. Occupy Wall Street has issued a statement that 99 firms have been targeted in Manhattan including specifically JPMorgan and Bank of America.

The site US Day of Rage . org plan to use “Money to act as the voices of millions, while individual citizens, the legitimate voters are silenced and demoralized by the farce”.

The ads consider the acts tomorrow to be “non-violent protests” of what is happening to the US government, that they feel is run by corporations and puppet politicians.

After a year of budget cuts, layoffs, privatizations, removal of collective bargaining rights, women’s reproductive rights, pay cuts, foreclosures, cuts to social security, pensions, cuts to social services -do you really blame people?

The public is fed up with corruption in government which includes:

Seizure of the internet through five bills proposed in the House of Representatives and those in Congress fending for the big corporate interests.

The collusion between big corporation money and politicians campaign funding affecting outcomes of elections, and election fraudulent practices.

The collusion of the Supreme Court with various corporations.

The continued contamination of the people’s food supply with pathogens, deadly poisons like: e.coli, salmonella and mad cow diseases are now common and USDA approved.

The continuation of wars, invasions of foreign countries that drain the US economy, prevents jobs, and creates chaos in the world.

The 1 trillion dollar 2012 US military budget that is borrowed money from China and profits only the Military Industrial Complex corporations -the war machine.

The list goes on and on -of what is wrong with the US government and unless the public demonstrates and takes action peacefully, this current state will continue to destroy the entire country. The activities are planned in over 115 cities across the country, from San Francisco to New York City where the financial elite live and play.

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Certain Phrases Come to Mind as to what led to all of this protesting and they are:

A time for Renewal Means leaving the US Capitalist system behind.

A Trillion Dollars in Student Debt in not acceptable.

Collective Agreements have been broken by state governments.

Foreclosure -Mortgage Strikes have put people out of their homes.

You Stole 17 Trillion Dollars- Wall Street- Give it Back

Riots in Greece won’t stop anytime soon.

Wall Street cares about three things:

how the Stock Markets, bond market what bonuses are

JP Morgan Chase- Challenge the Power of Wall Street

Roll Out 1st Week in May

May 1 meshes and connects 3 Ideas:

We are Not broke there’s plenty of money.
They have the money-we need to get it back.
they are using government as a vehicle to destroy us.

These are the three problems with the current state of affairs according to Stephen Lerner SEIU.

The Economic Crisis

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UC Davis protesters gasfaced by John_Mckinney_2

It must sound like a broken record but something has to give, and the people are fed up completely with the current corporate controlled government.

May 1- This will Continue until Things Change

Tony Robbins Warns of the Coming Debt Crisis

The coming Debt Crisis by Tony Robbins a coach of personal achievement and adviser to many celebrities discusses the US federal deficit and more.

There has been no change in the economy since 2010, it is now 2012 did anything change to make the world economy better is the question. No.

The economy is driven by spending, any cuts to spending from: government, consumers and lower demand will negatively affect economies.

Predictably, consumers have high unemployment and with no jobs they cannot spend which is an economic principal that this current Congress does not comprehend. 

Things are so bad, even Tony Robbins remains pessimistic on the future of America.

Warnings of things to Come- An Oncoming Debt Crisis

An oncoming train of a global debt crisis is predicted even though European countries attempt to shore up the debt of individual countries such as: Greece, Italy and Spain, the world is in a financial debt crisis.

Some considerations Robbins is warning us about are: Debt is everywhere, national governments are in debt, local state governments, city governments, consumers are in debt, trade deficits are getting worse, pension crisis, greater bankruptcies and tighter credit regulations are all part of this oncoming problem.

Wall Street that engineered and continues unscathed from the 2008 financial meltdown still remains relatively “unregulated”. The players are still in their ivory towers directing billions of dollars on investments at will that could again endanger and cause a financial disaster all over again.

Tony Robbins on The Coming Debt Crisis

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Tony Robbins, Ron Paul, and Ben Bernanke All Agree: The National Debt Crisis Could Destroy America

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Tony Robbins, Ron Paul and Ben Bernanke All Agree The National Debt Crisis Could Destroy America

NB. For some reason this video by Tony Robbins was available in two parts, but Part II seems to be missing. We are not sure if this video will be also removed at some point also.

Internet Censorship- April 30, 2012

As censorship and take downs of the Internet continues, it will be more than likely that we won’t be able to warn people of very much soon. For the most ridiculous notion that Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Information seems to be a target for this Congress, information on the internet is being censored.
Perhaps the government just wants to keep the public in the dark, and at this point they already so clued out on what is really happening to this country by the 1 percent on Wall Street and now Congress.

Something Weird is Going On -Incredible 2012 Events

Something Weird is Going On -Incredible 2012 Events

“Never seen anything like it” seems to be a common phrase these days world wide very strange occurrences are happening that have never been experienced before this year. Some folks say it is the End of the World on December 22, 2012 and that the earth will cease to exist as per the Mayan calendar.

2012 The Year of Incredible Events

The list is long of strange happenings from solar flairs, massive numbers of animals are dying, strange noises coming from no where, lights, cloud formations, rising tides and global catastrophes are now happening very frequently.

Radio Active Plume April, 2012

Not to mention the earthquakes, flash-floods, new volcanoes erupting and changes in the earth’s magnetic fields.

The Japan Earthquake that sparked a nuclear holocaust was just the beginning in March 2011 still continues and a plume of radioactive winds are heading to the US and Canada West coast for the last few weeks. (2012).

Scientists predicted it would take 2 to 3 years to arrive but they miscalculated and the radioactive material has already arrived. This will affect the fishing industry that thrives on the North American continent plus it will kill whales, fish, dolphins, salmon and marine life as we know it.

An unbelievable number of reports are mysteriously plaguing the earth are beyond the scope of natural events or even explanation.

The weather has changed drastically like never before experienced with hundreds of tornadoes destroying cities and rare differences in climates definitely is continuously destroying people’s lives.

“More tornadoes in one day than we’ve seen in a month” ripping through the United States at increasing rates.

Scary when you put these 2012 events all together in one video.
Is it the end of the earth?

Something Weird is Going On -Incredible 2012 Events

Hundreds of Tornadoes Roar Through US Midwest

April 15, 2012 Hundreds of tornadoes hit the mid-west with life-threatening storms with no warning, five people were killed in Oklahoma and the storm inflicted uncontrollable “Chaos”. Hail the size of baseballs, massive floods, extremely high winds ripped off barns, farmhouses and cars like toys.



Strange Occurrences, Animals dying 2012, strange sounds 2012, Doomsday Clock

If You Don’t Already Have Enough Drama in Your Life TNT

A Little Town in Belgium with a Big Message:

If you don’t already have enough drama in your life:

Press the Red button.

If You Don't Already Have Enough Drama in Your Life TNT


Courtesy of TNT- We Know Drama

If You Don’t Already Have Enough Drama in Your Life TNT -this video has received 30 million views on YouTube as of April 30, 2012

TNT used this video to launch a high quality TV Channel -TNT in Belgium with a big red button in a Flemish square. A passer by on a bike pushes the button and then all heck broke out. A great way to launch attention in ad media and a dramatic surprise.

Most people however, have enough drama in their life, these days.

New Solar Spray Technology

Installing solar panels to save on fossil energy fuels may have become a thing of the past already. Science has turned to Photovoltaic (PV) form of energy that can produced 15% of all the energy the USA consumes before 2020.

The technology behind the spray on solar panel is leading new companies that have developed a spray on film that turns any window into a solar panel without installation. As the world celebrated Earth Day the commercialization of flexible solar spray is proving to be a winner for consumers and businesses.

Solar spray can be applied to any surface from windows, roofs, the sides of buildings, roof tops and even inside buildings, therefore the application has far more reaching benefits than traditional solar panels.

The solar cells are embedded into a thin plastic film and companies such as Konarka in Lowell, Massachusetts are producing this technology.
Senior Vice-President of Konarka Ken McCauley says: It puts energy harvesting everywhere”. Konarka calls it Power Plastic.

Power Plastic offers a refreshing outlook on energy and incorporates the film into many cool designs for both business and residential applications. The power plastic collects energy from sunrise to sunset every day, 24/7 everyday of the year.

New Solar Spray Technology


The Dangers of Fossil Fuel Development

For countries in Europe and especially for the country of Japan, Solar Energy is becoming a “necessity” rather than some far off distant goal. Japan sits on a seismic fault and constant earthquakes threatens the island’s very existence, and millions of people’s lives with nuclear plant meltdown. Japan has continued to emit radioactive material since the March 2011 earthquake with no end in sight. Scientists cannot figure out how to seal off the six damaged plants that spew radiation into the earth’s atmosphere blown to the West coast of the US and Canada.
It is clear to most folks, that gas, oil and nuclear have all damaged the earth thousands of times more than they are worth exploring today. The cost in terms of energy use to procure oil, gas and nuclear is astounding and the cost of human lives is astronomical.

Solar Spray Energy is Sustainable -Cheap and Clean Energy Savings

The energy that comes from the sun each day is not being harvested to the full potential including solar energy. The time has come for the US to get real serious on sustainable solar power and the many ways it can be incorporated into millions of households that are consuming fossil fuels at an alarming rate.

The Solar Equation

The Sun provides enough energy in One Hour to power all our energy needs for one year.  Quote: Scientific American

Solar Power Spray On Cells Breakthrough Technology

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